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Happy Birthday Socks

Today my oldest friend turned another year older, and while he is more than happy to claim that he only turned 36, you and I both know that he’s actually only a month younger than I am. Which is to say, not only is he my oldest friend, he’s literally my oldest friend.

He’ll likely give me no end of frowny red face for calling him out as being a decade older than he likes to claim, but then again, I’ve worn socks specifically for someone other than the Puddinette exactly one (1) times this year, and that was a pretty exceptional case. So happy birthday, dude, this pair of celebratory beer bottles is for you.*

*I will, of course, be pretending those aren’t green bottles, because we all know green means trash for beer. Luckily green bottles work perfectly well for socks.

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A Vexing Pattern

Pretty cool, right? I’m going to be honest with you, though, I have absolutely zero idea how to describe them. Is that some kind of funky puzzle piece in a pattern? Or, uh, misshapen birds, maybe? I got no idea.

Knowing me, though, this is probably some well-known pattern with a weird name like “cougartooth” or “tunapelvis” or some somethung. I’m going to be laughing my socks off when someone comments below post and fills in the embarrassing but all too predictable gap in my ignorance.

In more exciting news, though, behold All. The. Tags!!

The Puddinette hit the mother lode of socks discounts this weekend and my sock drawer is about to burst from being jam-packed. And I’m not telling you what they look like!

Well, not yet, anyway. You’ll just have to keep checking to check the daily socks.

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The News and A Noose

Had a chance to sit down and watch The Post tonight. I have to admit I’m a sucker for newspaper dramas; always have been. And I have to say, a movie pitting the government against the press was timely, to say the least. The media might have changed, but the conflict continues still.

Not that the Fourth Estate has much of anything to do with funky multi-colored, striped socks. Then again, for movie set in 1971, I was kind of surprised not to see any of the characters in a tie closely matching these. Which makes me wonder, maybe next year I should go for a year of crazy ties*?

*That’d seriously never happen. I hate ties. They look nice, sure, but why wear a pretty noose on purpose?

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Sunlight and Superstition

I happened upon a stripe of late evening sunbeam to include with today’s socks, and the weather around here has been so neurotic lately, I wasn’t about to let it get away.

As for the socks, these would actually make a great pair to wear on a fall Sunday afternoon when the Bengals are playing, but I made a point to wear my Reds socks for the start of baseball season, and we can all see how that’s gone so far. It’s entirely possible the Bengals could start 3-13 in their next season too, and if that happens I don’t want anyone saying my socks had anything to do with it. 😏

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Monday Is Exhausting For Everyone

I was planning to write a post today about how these socks made me contemplate a world where The Joker picked up a former geometry teacher sidekick, and how appropriate that whole concept was for a Monday. But then Smoky tried to bring me a toy to play with and was too tired to even follow through with the playing (note said toy half in his mouth). The puppy had all day training today and is basically Wiped. Out.

If you’ve ever had a not-quite-year-old puppy around the house, you get that I’m saying that things are remarkably out of the ordinary tonight at la Casa de Puddin. But I’m going to just assume the dog really liked my socks, since he was kind enough to basically collapse at my feet for picture time.

Surely that’s what that means…right?

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Missed Opportunities

I wore these today because I had another hockey game and figured they were a good match for my jersey (not that I’d actually wear both at the same time, but that’s neither here nor there). As too often happens, though, life got in the way and I didn’t get to play tonight. But that’s okay, the socks are still awesome, and they deserved a solid Sunday outing anyway.

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I’m Not A Monster

I can always count on Smoky to make a day’s sock post kinda not really about the socks. But how could anyone look in those big puppy eyes and complain?

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Well, Hello Spring

Smoky and I got to sit on the patio this evening for the first time in 2018. I’m crossing my toes that today represents just the beginning of many sock installments from the backyard. That is; no matter what Mother Nature brings this weekend or over the weeks to come, let’s hope these splat socks are but tip of the iceburg when it comes down to a man, a dog, and a pair of socks all enjoying the out of doors.

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Pink Camouflage Inception

Hockey started back up tonight. One more season until the rink closes down for the summer and I try to recuperate from all the various nagging Old Guy injuries I’ve accumulated since last fall.

I’ve been holding on to these sweet pink camo socks for just the right occasion, and I’d be hard pressed to come up with one better suited than when they’d my team’s pink camo jerseys. Ironically, while I doubt the socks would be of much use in the wild from a camouflage perspective, and I know the jersey stands out like a sore thumb at the rink, when I put them together tonight, it’s actually pretty hard to figure out where the socks end and my jersey begins. Who knew that pink camo rocked the camouflage game when it came to other pinkish camo?

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Sometimes Ya Need A Little Hump Day Weekend Vibe

Who doesn’t love orange socks with multi-colored dots? I mean, maybe these are a touch more Saturday than Wednesday, but this morning I decided to say screw it. Everybody can use a good dose of Saturday in the middle of the week, hump day or not.

At no point did I regret that decision.