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Honor Thy Holiday Weekends

I might have gone on and on about the “which day today is” socks this week, but I think we should all be honest for a second. There’s really only one day of the work week that matters, and day is Friday.

Of course, while that’s true 52 weeks of the year, it’s exponentially true this week. Why, you ask? Because, not only is today Friday…it’s Holiday. Weekend. Friday.

Obviously, this situation calls for Holiday Weekend socks. With that in mind, I’m feeling pretty good that these “Beer Glasses” socks cover all the appropriate bases.

Have a great weekend, kids. Enjoy the pools and the weather… and try not to set anything on fire.

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Molding The Future

And here we are, at last…Thursday. I have chosen to commemorate the day by wearing minty grey stripes and spending some quality evening time on the back patio with Youngest Son. Incidentally, YS has determined and subsequently informed me that a good summer project would be to manufacture cool-looking soaker-style water guns for sale. However he is currently uncertain how the Puddinette mighy feel about buying plastic in bulk (“Can you get that on Amazon, Dad?”), melting it down, and molding it into shape.

All of which indicates to me that there’s a pretty good chance his Parent/Son Day Out this year is going to end with a visit to a plastics injection molding company. Anybody want to host us?

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Waiting Games

I’ve always thought of Thursday one of the best days of the weekend. Sure, it’s not Friday just yet, but it’s the last day you’ll have to cope with it not being the weekend which gives it a special, relaxed sort of vibe.

Wednesday, on the other hand, is not Thursday and not half as fun either, most weeks. Wednesday is that day you spend waiting it out, praying nobody says anything dumb about “Hump Day”. In other words, most times Wednesday is about as much fun as watching paint dry.

And that’s why I wore the color runs/drips seen above. Cause I’ve just watching the drips there, waiting for tomorrow to get here.

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Taco Tuesday

Need I say more?

No, seriously, though, it took me until almost the end of May? This was some low-hanging fruit! I’m kind of embarrassed.

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Maximum Effort, Kinda

Today was always going to go one of two ways. Sadly, I’m not at liberty to describe both possible ways because that would be a leak of potential future sock selections, and as we’ve all apparently learned by this point in 2018, leaks is bad, m’kay? Case in point, I had to relocate my boxers to a another drawer this weekend because the socks-in-waiting have consumed all the available drawer space. I may have even taken a picture of said overstuffed drawer, but at this point I can neither confirm nor deny its existence.

At any rate, there as a 50/50 chance I was going to see Deadpool 2 tonight, so I took a chance and wore these this morning. Instead, I got a better offer and got to hang out tonight and have a couple beers, in keeping with Monday Night Tradition. So don’t cry for me, interwebs, I will definitely see the new Deadpool movie soon enough, I had a solid night either way. And even though I haven’t gotten to see DP2 yet, I don’t feel bad for a second for having worn these today, because it’s been a great weekend for the “Merc’ with a Mouth”, especially after having dethroned Avengers: Infinity War at the box office and apparently scoring one of the best international opening weekends for an “R” rated movie ever?

So, uh, I guess were know what everyone who didn’t watch the Royal Wedding did this weekend, right?

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The Right Cookie

Youngest asked me recently if we could make some cookies, and I can’t ever say no to that request. Since his grandparents were stopping by for dinner to eat grilled walleye from Grandpa’s last fishing trip, today seemed like the perfect day to get out the chips. Instead of chocolate chips, though, we broke out the rest of our Reese’s peanut butter chip stash and proceeded to whip up a yummy batch of Reese’s Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies. They pretty much the best cookies ever.

I shouldn’t say we didn’t get the chocolate chips out at all, though since the one modification I made to the recipe as written was the addition of a few dark chocolate morsels. Because let’s face it, a few dark chocolate morsels are always welcome.

With all that in mind, I think today’s sock choice was pretty much a no-brainer.

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Royal Foot Covers

Those Royals got pretty lucky that I had a pair of Union Jack socks in the drawer to plan a wedding around today. I was, obviously, a little uncertain when an invitation never arrived, but, then, there was a whole ocean for it to cross and everything. That’s okay, I’m sure they’ll get me next time.

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That IS A Tasty Burger!

These hamburgers really didn’t have much to do with my day today. I didn’t have a burger and had no real plan to grill when I put them on this morning. But I like the black background and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a nice juicy burger at the end of a long week?

And that, friends is all I’ve got for tonight. Smoky and I are tired and about ready to call it a night. So, uh, have a great weekend…and try to keep from burning the place down.


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The End of School Gauntlet

School is almost over for the kids for another year, and I honestly don’t know who’s happier about it, them or me and the Puddinette. Of course, when they’re off for break, my sad lump of cells gets to continue going to work every day in an effort to make enough cash to keep up with the appetites of three teenagers, who somehow become inexplicably hungrier the moment that final bell sounds.

But I digress. Even as everyone in the house is looking forward to the coming break, it seems like the hardest few days of the year are when the total remaining number in the single digits. The kids have to deal with all manner of testing, prodding, projects, evaluations, and (gods of the eternal monkey barrels bless them), the inevitable dreaded Field Day, while the wife and I have somewhere in the vicinity of 8 billion and 27 year-end events to manage between the four kids, including but not limited to, aforementioned Field Days, concerts, performances, banquets, programs, and transition/commencement/graduation type ceremonies. That assumes, of course, that the sports are complete and none of the summer ones have begun yet.

It’s not quite exhausting, but it’s definitely in the same zip code.

Complaining aside, summer break will be here soon, huzzah. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy today’s musically oriented socks, which were, not accidentally, chosen to coincide with Middle Son’s Spring Concert. Yes, we all survived it. Cross another day off the calendar and get the sunscreen ready.


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In Defense Of The Mail

After barely managing to posts last night’s epic snorer (because, no lie, I kept falling asleep as I was attempting to spit out whatever thin, half-baked context I’d come up with to make it seem as if yesterday’s socks had some thematic relevance to Life in a grander sense), I was accused — rightfully, I might add — of having started to mail it in when it it came to the nightly sock update.

In my defense, I can only say this: you’re damned right, I’ve been mailing it in on occasion!

Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to have a valid, clever, compelling note to go along with each day’s selected socks. The thing, though, is that sometimes I have no better reason for picking out a particular pair than, “Um, I think these kind of match my shirt?”.

There’s another reason, too, that each and every post of  The Daily Sock Update isn’t likely going to be a Shakespearean  classic. See, this posting  every day business? Yeah, that’s a full blown marathon. May 16 is merely the 136th day en route to  (hopefully) 365. That means this is the 136 consecutive day I’ve written a post, give or take. Hell, I didn’t even come close to do anything like that back when I still was writing posts on a fairly regular basis. And yet, we’re not even half way through 2018 just yet.

Let me say that again. Not even half way though.

Here’s the truth, then, as I see it: we got a long way to go until that ball drops on 2018, and just like any other marathoner, I’m looking to finish strong when, at last, December gets here. If that’s going to happen I’m going to have to do what actual marathon runners do, eat all the carbs.

Err, no, I meant, pace myself. So while I don’t intend to for this to subsist into the verbal equivalent of a chimp randomly typing, there’s no way I’ll survive the effort if I’m putting  myself through the Quality Work Meat Grinder of Guilt day in and day out. In other words, there are sadly going to be days like yesterday sometimes between now and New Year’s 2019.

Just be glad I haven’t yet restored to Seinfeld-esque, J. Peterman-style descriptions when it comes to The Daily Sock. You know, something…

“He perched his tired feet upon on the white oak desk, shoeless but bearing the most magnificent multi-hued stripes and dots in the Western world. They spoke of simplicity without being simple and represented depth without needless complication. They made it clear the man knew his business, without ever saying a word. $2.47 a pair, the Spring Bonanza Catalog. Available in all sizes, Ladies and Men.