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Just The Astronomical Necessities

And thus, with orange toes, solar system socks including the requisite accoutrements, and, of course, my disturbingly hairy ankles, Space Week comes to its happy conclusion.

Coming up next: <retracted>

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Luckily the longest day of 2018 was just a few days ago, giving me enough daylight still today at 8:30 PM to capture this shot of the moon with space shuttle socks in the foreground. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty pleased with it. That goes for the socks too, which you can see with a touch more detail here.

Happy summer, kids. If you’re here in North America with me, I hope you made the best of the first summer Saturday of the year, and maybe even caught a firefly or two.

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A Rocket-based Soapbox

I’m pretty sure I’m keeping at least one pair of my NASA socks.

Why would I, you ask, when I have SO many others to choose from? Because, when I was a kid, NASA meant a LOT to me. In fact, from the time my parents were kids to my own childhood, NASA represented the very best we could accomplish when we worked on a common, lofty goal, in congress.

You did known that “congress” means to “to move together”, right? I mean, it’s not common knowledge, I guess. I suppose I can’t fault you if you didn’t know it, seeing as a more colloquial definition could be more like “to block movement”.

At any rate, when I was a kid, NASA shone like a beacon of all the US could achieve when properly motivated. Somehow, though, our motivation to accomplish great things solely for the sake of accomplishing them has gone by the wayside, totally escaping a generation or two. Which is to say, my kids don’t know what it’s like to watch a rocket or shuttle launch from a classroom TV. They’ve never felt the pride we all used to feel at hearing the name NASA, knowing what the agency had achieved in less then a paltry 50 years.

And that, feels like a real shame.

Have a great weekend, kids, and try not to set the place on fire.

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The Anti-Martian Defamation League

I haven’t got a lot to say today, except, of course, if you don’t think Marvin the freaking Martian deserves to be included in Space Week, well, I’m not sure we can be friends. #Marvin4Life

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A Space-Related Socks Haiku

Don’t be silly now
Life would be too Earthly with
Just one NASA pair

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Space: The Current Frontier

I’ve decided this week is obviously Space Week. Of course, you may wonder why, exactly, I’d choose the week of June 18th for such a specific — and seemingly out of nowhere -/ theme. All I can tell you is that since I wore Space Kitty yesterday, just spent the better part of 4 days looking at Cape Canaveral, and have something like a between 100 and 56,923 pairs of socks in the Drawer o Plenty, this week struck me as a good time a time as any to start weekly themes.

We’ll see how far it gets me. Which is to say, whether I have as many astronomically-related pairs of socks as I think I do or not, you can probably bet on something extra nerdy tomorrow.

I’m sure you simply can’t wait!

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Space Kitty And Kinetic Energies

Sometimes, when it’s hot, I don’t go out on the patio, until the cooler evening hours. I’m not sure waiting for it to be 84 at 11:30 PM qualifies as either evening or cooler, but here we are, with me in my astronaut cat socks, which I’ve been saving for just the right day. As it turns out, this morning took a very Monday lean and I was not in the mood for it. Hurray for the Space Cat sock pick me up.

As for me and Smoky out on the patio at not quite midnight, week, as I said yesterday, he like to wait until I’m done for the day and ready to settle in before he’s really ready to play. Case in point, here he is, in all his kinetic glory, demonstrating just exactly what to do with a full day’s worth of energy at 11:30 at night.

Anybody else fancy a quick run around the yard?

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Father’s Day Footies

Father’s Day required beer mugs, and I was more than happy to oblige. How could I not, especially in the previously referenced and adorable ankle-length format?

Of course, by this time of evening, all of my actual children are either asleep or of doing things they don’t need me around for (read: playing Fortnite).

Thankfully, Smoky can’t manage a mouse or a console controller, so he brought me a stuffed friend to play with…that he subsequently attempted to tear apart.

Happy Father’s Day to all those nap-deserving dads out there and the people who kinda like them.

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Perfect For Shakes And Sodas

I am not going to lie, wearing ankle-length socks feels weird to me. Like I’m sporting slippers or something underneath my shoes. But the aren’t slippers, they’re socks, and these are patterned with sodas, which I feel pretty confidently is exactly precisely what was called for on the Saturday before Father’s Day, June 16.

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Two-Tone Testimonial

Now, I know what you’re thinking…these are way boring. Possibly not even worth inclusion in the 2018 Best Foot Forward Project. But I disagree. Wholeheartedly. Not only are they two tones of purple (which is my favorite color), one of those tones is, like, Roman Imperial Purple.

Also, those chevrons on the ankles make these sort of sporty and cool for a lame dude like me. So, yeah, these are not too boring.

And I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

I mean, not really, but you’d still be wrong.

Have a great weekend, peeps! Try not to say the place on fire.