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Another Sport Sparing Me Misery

I had a hockey game tonight, which I’m glad about because that prevented me from watching the Bengals at the Chiefs. It’s not over yet as of the moment I’m writing this, but as I see the score, it’s definitely embarrassing enough that I’m just going to spare myself the unpleasantness.

Anyway. Back to hockey. These socks match my team’s pink and grey camouflage jerseys, so I couldn’t help but put them on this morning.

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Because I Can’t Really Live In Bikini Bottom

Human beings have yet to develop a working gill system, making it exceedingly difficult to breathe in water. As oxygen is kind of required for ongoing brain activity, it’s kinda of literally impossible to live in a pineapple under the sea. At least, not without cost prohibitive equipment.

And a lot of pineapple growth hormone, I suppose.

At any rate, today I chose the next best thing, which, obviously, is sporting Spongbob SquarePants socks. And if Saturday can’t be about SpongeBob, what’s it even suppose to be about?

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Need That Mega Juice

As is becoming more common on Friday mornings (at least mid-school year), I woke this today feeling like I’d trucked through the last mile of a marathon. There’s always so much going on, so much to do, and so much to keep track of, that by the time the start of the weekend rolls around, these old batteries could use a blast of recharging.

I figured Mega Man could help me out in that case, because the dude never tires and always has a pretty impressive pop to his step. I’m probably not ready to jump quite like he can, but he saw me through the day and safely to the weekend in earnest.

Hope you’ve got some energy left for your weekend, kids. Now get out there and enjoy. Oh, and, try not to set the place on fire.

Or, I guess, blast it with a plasma gun attached to your arm, either.

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Similar And Proud

I know you’re probably thinking that these are the same socks I wore on Tuesday when I posted this week’s questionable haiku, but let me assure you they are not. They are somewhat similar, but considering I’ve worn pairs of the same pattern in different colors at points throughout the year, I’m quite comfortable with there being quite enough difference in the similarly.

These, then, were worn today in direct support of the high school that Oldest and Middle sons attend. Oldest Son plays on the school’s varsity soccer team, and in defiance of everyone’s expectations, they last week won their district and have been playing in the Regional tournament this week, even going so far as to have the audacity to win in the first round on Tuesday, in defiance of the conventional wisdom.

Unfortunately, the Cinderella story ends for pretty much everyone at some point, and tonight that was it for the boys. But they had an amazing season and made a terrific run here at the end. It was every bit the kind of excitement that makes me proud to have two pairs of socks to support the team and school.

I’ll probably even be keeping them.

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Where In The World Are These Socks

I can’t decide what place these faux-city socks remind me of; it’s probably somewhere that isn’t a real place, but more a place I’ve seen in a movie or video game. Like, perhaps, Casablanca maybe, or wherever Bald Bull from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out originated from?

I don’t know. But having a place to daydream about on your socks comes out as a win always, regardless of if the place is real or not.

And now I kinda want to plan a trip on a 30’s era plane to go find the Ark of the Covenant.

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A Haiku For The School Socks I Wore to Eldest Son’s Regional Soccer Game

Every parent’s life
Leads to booster apparel
Lucky I like socks

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Monday Travel Plans

After a busy weekend, sometimes the idea of hopping into the car or onto a plane on dark, chilly Monday morning in search of parts unknown can be pretty inviting. As it turns out, though, it’s not always realistic to just pick up and head out to see some new part of the world at the drop of a Monday alarm.

Especially not when the kids have school.

Luckily, I’ve got travel socks, like the pair I wore here today. They’ve got passports and tickets and map pointers and, well, just about anything you could hope for to give you happy reminders of when you took that trip that that place and had all the fun.

Keep that feeling in mind this week, kids, and try to make it a great one.

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A Good Day For Gators

We celebrated Youngest Son’s 10th birthday day, even if he won’t technically be 10 years old until Tuesday. In honor of his big party, though, I made sure not to accidentally wear these blue alligator socks a few weeks ago during Animal Week II because while the kid is nuts about animals in general, his favorite, for some reason, is the American Alligator.

Real alligators might not be blue, but he liked them all the same. They probably won’t be the birthday gift he mostly likely remembers years from now, but I’m somehow guessing I won’t soon forget about them.

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Cold Socks, Warm Fire

It was something like 80 degrees here earlier this week. As I’m writing this, it’s now 44 degrees outside. Apparently autumn occurred sometime between the hours of 2 and 5 AM the other day, and now it’s just going to start being winter. Ain’t climate change grand?

I do prefer being cold to hot, though, this this weekend’s turn of climatological events is still in my favor. Case in point, it’s perfectly reasonable to have a fire when it’s below 40, so that’s just what we did. And now I’m roasting today’s drumstick anklets — which, by the way, weren’t quite the best choice for a delightfully cool Saturday afternoon — by the fireplace, enjoying the fact that it’s not 80 degrees outside.

Yeah, I’ll take that without a single complaint, every time.

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The Perfect Amalgam

Yes, that’s right, today’s socks, Friday’s socks, are chicken and waffles, with a resplendent pinkish hue. I am 100% keeping this pair, and if you can’t see the inherent awesomeness of wearing them in a critical work meeting, well, I just don’t think I can help you.

These socks are amazing. The perfect pair pre-weekend. So dig out your own perfect autumnal socks and have the best weekend of the year. We’ll be here when you get back.

Oh, and while you’re at it? Try not to set the place on fire.