Foxes Frollic On Friday

I have foxes on my soxes and I don’t know that I could’ve wished for more on the Friday at the end of animal week. Truth be told, I had higher hopes for this pair at one point, but things work out the way they do for a reason, and if that reason turns out […]

Parenting and Parrots

It’s roughly 11:30 at night and I’ve just sat down in my home with Nothing else to do for the first time since I got up this morning. I put on these cheery parrot socks and went out to face the day and boy did we face it. After a very full, hectic day at […]

A New Set of Stripes

I put these tigers in this morning because I thought they’d make a good match for the first day back to school for the kids. You know, “homework and school marms and tigers, oh my!” Okay, so maybe that’s not how it goes anyway. Regardless, I got more than I bargained for when I realized […]

A Haiku For Tuesday’s Animals On My Feet

A storybook pair Turtles and toads together Cheer their adventure

Naked And Confused

I’m totally not 100% sure what the joke is here, except, of course, that there’s a buck on this pair of socks and he’s not wearing any clothes. I mean, as a member of the deer family, I wouldn’t have expected him to be wearing any couture of any kind, so it seems a little […]

Live In A Pineapple Under The Sea

As the parents of four, it’s often a challenge for the Puddinette and I to feel like we’re making sure each of the kids gets enough “quality time” with Mom and Dad. In an attempt to address that, every year each of the kids gets a day to pick an activity for just the three […]

Snap, Cap, and Match

Youngest Son worked on Snap Circuits this afternoon whilst I looked on from the comfort of Dad’s Recliner. Nine months ago or so, I would have been needed to offer suggestions and guidance as to how the flow of electricity and circuits work in general, but I was quickly rebuffed today when offering any assistance. […]

Tickling The (Ivory) Toes

I had to discontinue the theoretical travels today because when the kids have a thing, you hightail it back from Egypt or Japan or wherever to make the audience. My daughter was in a play tonight — One Night Only — and since it was a musical, these seemed like the perfect match for the […]

Bringing Mt. Fuji To My Feet (in haiku)

The Rising Sun calls Tickets, time in short supply Must make due with socks

Faux Pharaohs On My Feet

I promised you Egypt last night, and I wasn’t about to disappoint you all. And with travelling on my mind, I couldn’t possibly controllers contemplate spanning the globe with the Puddinette and a grateful family in tow without including the lands of ancient civilization, and, well, pyramids and mummies. Will I ever actually see the […]