Libations In Celebration

We certainly aren’t ready to declare a wrap on the holidays around here, especially since I’m technically on vacation until after the first of the year. That said, though, yesterday’s Santas do, sadly, represent the end of the 2018 Puddintopia Holiday Sock Collection.

There is one exception to that statement, of course, as there is with every decent rule, and that one will become evident later in the week.

For today, though, it’s time to say goodbye to the greens and the reds, the hollys and the “hos”. The calendar has gotten very short, and the number of unique socks I have left to wear in 2018 now numbers in the single digits. The number is down to five as of today, and if I’m being honest, I’m wholly unprepared for what happens six days from now.

Before we get all maudlin, though, it’s important to remember I do still have those precious 5 days left. As far as I’m concerned, this last sequence of days definitely calls for a few potent potables to mark the occasion. So pull up a stool and hand over your keys; for the next few days we’re going to be sharing a figurative cocktail or five.

And don’t worry, the tab’s on me.