We Planned It This Way

This adorable black lab puppy and me in my denim blues make a good pair to match today’s selection. Did I plan it ? No, but you can be sure I was gonna hold the treat over my head as long as it took to get this picture once he sauntered up to demand attention. […]

QIWAT: Is It Dots Or Is It Polka?’

Orange dots on a field of blue. The perfect socks to applaud FC Cincinnati’s first win of the season. But, more interestingly, this particular pair triggered a conversation about what exactly defines the ubiquitous Polka Dots. Most everyone who saw these today made gliv reference to polka dots. But, is that just because of dots? […]

Holy Socks, Batman

These should have required little introduction, except the big yellow logo ended up a bit distorted, making it hard to see that, yes, those are, in fact, Bst Signals. Each pair only has one yellow logo, facing outward, giving each sock an actual left vs right orientation, making them far more worthy of debating Left/Right […]

As A Surprise To Exactly No One

Surely it comes as no surprise to anyone thay The Puddinette had me well setup for St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, I’ve got several holidays waiting for me in the drawer already. But then, when you’re married to someone who has the presence of mind to make sure even the couch is decked out in […]

The Eyes Say It All

Long day. Longer week. Looking forward to wearing green tomorrow, but it’s not St Patrick’s Day quite yet. That made me think this grey-white pair of argyle was the perfect set up for tomorrow’s colorful nonsense. Anybody up for kegs and eggs at 6AM??

I looked at these this morning (which, apparently, was 18 hours ago at this point) and immediately saw a tiny armada of space-faring invaders, undeniably reminiscent of Galaga. Needless to say, when the video game nerd finds a pair of socks that make him think of one the first, best arcade games he’d ever played, […]

With Man’s Best Friend Like This…

I’m not entirely certain what I think the best thing about today’s sock picture is: the blue-on-blue stripes topped with a ring of pinkish orange, or my awesome Captain America pants. I would totally understand if you felt the tiniest amount of envy for either. Or even both. What is definitely not the best thing […]

Like Pretend Old Timey Hockey Socks

Had a playoff hockey game tonight in my beer league, and we surprised everyone (including ourselves) by actually taking the W in a shootout following a scoreless overtime. We busted pretty much all the brackets, you know, if anyone had done a bracket for Northern KY C League hockey. Spoiler Alert: no one did a […]

Fortunately, The Socks (a Puddintopia Treatise on Turning 45 and NOT Quite Being The Rock)

This pair of socks is pretty much unlike anything I’ve worn so far this year, and not by accident. In fact, I’ve been saving them for today. Because kinda like these socks, today is a day a little unlike the others, and this post will follow accordingly. That is, I hope you can forgive me […]

Not-Quite Birthday Flowers

A week ago, I asked my wife if these were poinsettias. She told me that they were something that starts with an H. Hydrangeas? Not Heather. Holly maybe? Hibiscus? Maybe that last one. I don’t know. All I do know is that tomorrow is my 45th birthday (I think), and while I can still remember […]