I Stand With Bedtime

Cripes! I almost forgot to post today’s socks. Here they are, a variation of Captain America in all their Comic-Con-homagic (is that a word? Screw it, it’s 2 AM… everything’s a word at this point) glory. Also, since it’s 2 AM, that’s all I’ve got to say.

Sometimes You Just Need Some Arrows

Continuing with the theme during Comic-Con weekend, today we have Hawkeye socks, which matched (the color, at least) of The Flash t-shirt I wore. And yes, I have a black The Flash t-shirt. As far as I’m concerned everyone should have one. At any rate, here’s the Hawkeye, the Avenger you can count on, especially […]

Argyle So Serious?

These are, without debate, the perfect socks with which to end this work week. After all, after making a fuss over argyle yesterday and The Dark Knight before that, what could be more fitting than a pair of Joker-themed argyles? Not much, obviously. And when you factor in that San Diego Comic Con — the […]

Any Excuse For Argyle

Today’s red shirt required a decent match because, hey, if your socks can’t match your outfit at least once a month, what are you even doing? Clearly, then, said shirt necessitated red-patterned argyle. Luckily, I’ve been hanging on to these snazzy bastards for a bit. Tomorrow calls for argyle, too, but that’s gonna be a […]

A Dark Night For The Dark Knight

Sitting out on the patio a little later than usual tonight, but given that today’s socks are in honor of everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, it seemed to make sense*. The twist is that’s not just a reference to Batman, the character. I mean, sure, who doesn’t love the Caped Crusader and his wacky crime-fighting, but […]

A Reasonable Pattern Of Behavior

I feel like I’ve basically been wearing socks of brands or characters of one kind or another since we went on vacation to Universal over a month ago. Which explains why this morning felt like high time to break it up with something patterned. I really like this pair, and the Puddinette agreed, although I’m […]

Socks of Scarlet And Gold

I was supposed to go to Harry Potter Trivia Night at a local Pub tonight, but, sadly, parenting occasionally gets in the way. Between soccer tryouts and pickup after theater rehearsal, trivia had to go on without me. As they say, though, the pub game must go on. Thankfully that didn’t stop me from rocking […]

I Guess You Love The Turtle You’re With, Too

Wrapping up cartoon week, today I’m proudly repping a little TMNT. Please note, that’s a 90’s TV cartoon version of a Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle, not one of those strange, hulking “Micheal Bay movie” ninja turtle. Because I have some taste. Now, one might think, looking at my socks, that Donatello was favorite of the […]

Love The Dog (And Socks) You’re With

There are two pet dogs in today’s sock photo, and one of them is significantly more famous than the other. Smoky, however, was unfazed today by his relative ignominy. But seeing as he was the one actually getting to chase down toys and gnaw on them at my Snoopy-covered feet, I suppose his audacity can […]

What For You Put Taz On Feet?

Positively spinning, I said yesterday. Get it… spinning? Because, see, Taz. The Tasmanian Devil has always been my favorite of the Looney Tunes. In fact the only two stuffed things I showed any interest in past the age of 6 was a Tasmanian Devil and a Captain Caveman I won at an amusement park in […]