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There is too much; I will sum up

There is too much; I will sum up

This is our 2018, in one image. These are the “Happy New Year” socks I wore yesterday. After taking the picture below, I used the 365 images of the socks from the past year and some nifty software to make the mosaic above. I won’t lie; I’m pretty darned happy with how it turned out.

And Then There Were None

We fracking did it…

Salt, Lime, And Savoring Success

Of all the pictures, all the poses and places from this past year that I sat down with locked heels, crossed ankles, or Smoky-preseting-a-toy, I think this particular arrangement is my favorite. Even though it’s late December and too cold to be hanging out for very long on my back patio (despite how strangely warm […]

Christmas Spirits

As promised, the one last pair of holiday socks as was foretold in prophecy. My family got together for Christmas today, and as it starts with bloody Mary’s and mimosas, and includes at least one beer and wine exchange, socks sporting the phrase “Christmas Spirits” just seemed right. Two days left. How did we get […]

Three Hundred And Sixty Two Bottles Of Socks On The Wall

Three. Days. Remain. Today marks 362 days of socks. Indeed, I do believe I’ll have myself a beer and contemplate that for a few moments. In the meantime, you guys should hit up a happy hour and maybe have a few pints of your own. Just remember to celebrate responsibly, and take an Uber or […]

A Dog, His Guy, And Some Socks

Earlier today I was going back through the many, many (many) sock pictures from this past year — for a surprise project! — and I realized that over the course of the first three months of 2018, two things became very clear. The first is that my skill with taking and presenting pictures of the […]

Libations In Celebration

We certainly aren’t ready to declare a wrap on the holidays around here, especially since I’m technically on vacation until after the first of the year. That said, though, yesterday’s Santas do, sadly, represent the end of the 2018 Puddintopia Holiday Sock Collection. There is one exception to that statement, of course, as there is […]

Santa Socks Are Coming To Town

I’d like to take minute with today’s post to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas from me, the Puddinette, the kids, Smoky, and these outstanding Santa socks. I hope you found your stocking, socks, and hearts all full today, and that they stay that way throughout the holidays and the rest of the […]

A Focus On What’s Important

Twas the night before Christmas and earlier, before Mass, I took a shot of the altar with my socks, like an…jerk When I showed the Puddinette today’s picture, she immediately cocked an eyebrow at me and suggested my afterlife was likely destined for a, um, warmer climate. Ok, yeah, so maybe I did take off […]

Getting Feral About Fair Isle

I’ve really enjoyed every pair of the holiday-themed socks I’ve worn this month, to the point that I’m thinking about maybe repeating the “new socks every day” thing next year when we hit The Season again. And, yes, in case you hadn’t guessed already, that does mean — without equivocation — that The Great 2018 […]