A Saint Patrick’s Day Primer

The calendar once against says today is March 17th. You know what means, right? It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, aka, the Feast of Saint Patrick, the one day of the year dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, a man I’m pretty sure was canonized more for his conversion of Irish pagans to Catholicism than anything […]

A Post Of Many Posts

Being Friday evening already, I have little doubt that most of you are busy readying yourselves for the inevitable carnival of debauchery that comes with the arrival of the weekend. Well, unless you’re like me, in which case you’re planning to sit in the comfy chair later tonight, play a few cutthroat rounds of Words […]

A Helpful Guide For Navigating The Weekend

The picture above contains a popular brand of carbonated soft drink.  Well, it’s also of my desk earlier today, and the door to my office.  And a window showing sunlight and the outside world where I would have preferred to be at 3 PM today.  That’s not to suggest that I don’t thoroughly enjoy my […]

I’m Not Saying Diet Coke Cured The Plague But It Could Have*

I apparently had the plague this weekend. Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re all, Puddin, dood, I totally know what you mean when you say that. I mean, this one time, I went to Vegas/New Orleans/Tijuana/Buffalo** and I picked up this hangover so bad it was like fighting a nineteen-headed hell-beast from Greek mythology […]

Trying to end the week on a high note

Before anyone gets too excited, I should mention that this post is not about the weekend shenanigans you might other associate with someone like me, who has, in the long distant past, demonstrated a general tendency to debase himself when he knows no alarm clock will be bleeping toward him at Undesirable O’Clock in the […]

An Independence Day primer

Before you get your suspenders all twisted up in an uncomfortable, constricting knot (and that goes for both the over-the-shoulder variety as well as the around-the-calves-to-hold-up-my-Mad-Men-esque-black-socks), there will be no history lessons associated with this post. Which is not to say it won’t become some kind of lesson for the children of tomorrow, a cautionary […]

Unrelated things you should know about

Some people get to travel to interesting, exciting places for business. New York City, Paris, London, New Orleans, Las Vegas.  I also get to travel for business from time to time. And when I do, boy, do I ever get to go to some, um, smallish, largely unknown places. Places that occasionally might appear as […]

Repost: Life Lessons

[Author’s Note: I’m taking the week off from writing new material, more or less, because, well, because.  So instead, I’m going to repost a couple of old entries that may or may not have a thematic or referential similarity. In other word’s, there might be some reason to my rhyme, but then again, they might be […]

Gone Puddin’

I know, we haven’t talked in a while.  It’s, like, I haven’t been around for the past few days or something. Well, actually, it’s not like that at all. It’s exactly that.  I haven’t been. Around, that is.  I’ve been in Connecticut. Yes, that state in New England. Because I had to do [redacted]. Truth […]

A new craft brew and let’s play ball!

Every now and then you just happen to in the right place at the right time to learn something new.  Something that enriches your life, grabs you by the hair, calls you a worthless scumbug, smacks you a few times and then leaves you in the gutter overnight to contemplate just how awesome your life […]