The Annual Magic: The Gathering Punishing

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’m a big fan of playing Magic: The Gathering. You know, that card game all the nerds like. Oh, don’t look so surprised. I’m a huge nerd. Pretty sure I’ve made that abundantly clear already. Of course, then, I like M:TG, and as a card-carrying nerd, […]

Star-Spangled Socks

Indeed, today there was outdoor eating, explosives things launched skyward, and a nigh-obligatory pair of red, white, and blue socks patterned after Old Glory. And, somehow, we managed all of that without anyone starting a second Civil War. Happy Independence Day, America! I hope nobody set the place on fire.

Mayhem, Memorials, and Monday

I wasn’t exactly certain what was appropriate for Memorial Day, seeing as it has grown to mean many things to many different people since the first Federal observance in 1868 (following shortly after the Civil War). But I figured it’s hard to go wrong with the Red, White, and Blue, so I leaned into that […]

Honor Thy Holiday Weekends

I might have gone on and on about the “which day today is” socks this week, but I think we should all be honest for a second. There’s really only one day of the work week that matters, and day is Friday. Of course, while that’s true 52 weeks of the year, it’s exponentially true […]

Mother’s Day Colors

I didn’t have any flowers to wear today, so for Mother’s Day I picked a pair with a color palette I knew both my wife and Mom would find appealing. Here’s to my amazing mother, who taught me all the important things in life, like how to load a dishwasher properly, how to dress myself […]

Easter Greetings

You knew I’d be rocking Easter socks today, right? It actually took the Puddinette and I several consultations and exchanged Amazon links to find a bright, colorful pair with a pattern resembling eggs that didn’t break the bank. For real, you’d never believe how much you gotta shell out for something with bunnies or even […]

A Saint Patrick’s Day Primer

The calendar once against says today is March 17th. You know what means, right? It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, aka, the Feast of Saint Patrick, the one day of the year dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, a man I’m pretty sure was canonized more for his conversion of Irish pagans to Catholicism than anything […]

The Holidays Be Upon Us

I know I’m jumping the gun by a hair here, but as far as I’m concerned, today is the first day of the Dread/Celebrated Holidays. What makes me say such a vile, presumptuous thing? Well… I heard all the radio people talking about Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals this morning* My kids are off school for […]

This One’s For All You Mothers Out There

Being Mother’s Day here in the United States, I thought I should take a day off from Project Bathrobe to be extra nice to the Puddinette. After all, she is the person largely responsible for making sure my children aren’t living lives of filthy squalor punctuated with too much bean soup and not enough bed-making […]

A Festivus Grievance: What’s So Wrong With ‘Moist’?

As everyone who lived in the 90’s and has any taste whatsoever knows, Festivus is a holiday celebration observed every year on December 23rd. It starts with an unadorned pole – because, let’s face it, nobody’s got the time or patience for fancy tree decoratin’ – and then you get together to enjoy many time-honored […]