Questionable Holiday Sock Decisions

Knowing what I know about the new likes and followers I’ve picked up since beginning the Great Sockscapades Of 2018, I have to admit that this particular pair gave me a moment’s pause this morning while considered the holiday collection in my drawer. But, hey, if the wife gets you a pair of socks that […]

Ornamental Moments

Ornamental Moments

Two things of note took place today. First, the whole family got dressed in semi-coordinating blues and grays this morning — no small feat alone for three teens — and sat for family pictures for the first time in 2/3 of a decade. Believe it or not, without an excess of arm-twisting all four kids […]

Happy Turkey Sock Day!

Here they are as promised, the perfect pair of socks for Thanksgiving. These were given to me, actually, by my mom, for whom the holiday is one of her favorite days of the year. The socks are seen here along with the Puddinette wearing a suitable pair from my 2018 back catalog. Together we’d like […]

A Haiku For Preliminary Thanksgiving Prep

Proper colored socks…

Several Hundred Frozen Turkeys And A Lot Of Teamwork

Not everyone digs my Minion socks, but I had to wear a pair of them today. One of the things we do as a family each year is to volunteer to help with a local food drive for Thanksgiving. It’s not a big charity association event or anything, just done by a guy we know […]

A Few Worthy Skulls On All Hallow’s Eve

Look, I get it. These don’t particularly seem SO. PERFECT for Halloween, especially compared to yesterday’s jack-o’-lanterns, which, admittedly, are, like, the perfect pair of Hallmark Halloween socks. But Halloween isn’t and shouldn’t ever be a Hallmark holiday. I mean, it’s when the spirits walk the Earth. Is that really the occasion to sell a […]

The Jack-o’-Lantern Before Samhain

The Jack-o’-Lantern Before Samhain

I had a hard time deciding between today’s jack-o’-lantern face socks and the pair I’ve got prepped to go for tomorrow. As it turned out, even though it’s not really why I went with them today, these were a good choice this morning since we did our annual family carving tonight. Uh, hello! There was […]

Halloween Adjacent 🎃

I’m afraid the lighting doesn’t really do these justice, but that’s definitely an orange stripe on black and gray. That makes these close enough to being Halloween-themed in my book, or at least Halloween-adjacent. Tomorrow begins the primetime show for Halloween socks, though, and I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait. I don’t guess […]

And So It Begins

We have reached, at last, one of my two favorite weeks of the year. The other, of course, is the week of Christmas and New Year’s, during which I genuinely seem to enjoy family activities plus somehow also manage be optimistic about things. The optimism, I reckon, has to come from my maternal grandmother, Helen, […]

The Annual Magic: The Gathering Punishing

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I’m a big fan of playing Magic: The Gathering. You know, that card game all the nerds like. Oh, don’t look so surprised. I’m a huge nerd. Pretty sure I’ve made that abundantly clear already. Of course, then, I like M:TG, and as a card-carrying nerd, […]