Questionable Holiday Sock Decisions

Knowing what I know about the new likes and followers I’ve picked up since beginning the Great Sockscapades Of 2018, I have to admit that this particular pair gave me a moment’s pause this morning while considered the holiday collection in my drawer. But, hey, if the wife gets you a pair of socks that read “Bottoms Up”, you find a day to wear them.

Plus also, the more…unconventional…comments I’ve gotten on posts from various social media sources usually just give me a chuckle. So if right day to put enough trust in my fans for “Bottoms Up” socks isn’t the Saturday 10 days before Christmas, I’ll likely never know when the right day is.

Oh, and for the record, these are the most comfortable holiday socks I’ve ever worn. I might end up having to keep them just for that. But, let’s be honest, I’ll be keeping socks for far less compelling reasons when the New Year arrives.