Wearing All These Holiday Socks Means You Gotta Be A Little Bit Nuts

It seems a little weird to say, but it’s a sad fact that to my recollection, I have never seen any production of The Nutcracker in person. I say it’s weird because I feel like usually it’s the kind of thing kids go to see on field trips before winter break. Either that or they have to get dressed up and then dragged along to an uncomfortable, too-formal brunch and the theatre on some Sunday afternoon on December. Probably because someone’s great aunt bought the tickets.

I did, admittedly, have a great aunt that liked to do that sort of thing, but maybe musicals weren’t her thing? Or, slightly more likely, it’s that dragging a posse of kids to see one wasn’t her ideal Sunday either.

At any rate, never having been to The Nutcracker, I was pretty stoked to see this pair of socks among my holiday collection. Not only do they fill the Nutcracksr shaped void left my soul from childhood, they’re also a bit irreverent and just the slightest touch creepy. Which is to say, they’re perfect for a winter Friday in mid-December.

I hope you had your own soul-filling moments of slight irrevence sometime today, and that your weekend is set for enjoyment. I mean that, no matter if you’ve got a Bloody Mary brunch and a trip to the theater on the books, or an awesome an to make your season super bright by just laying on the couch for a 48-hour Die Hard marathon.

Whatever your plan is, I fully expect you to crush it in every single way you possibly can. Just as long as you remember to, uh, try not to set the place on fire.

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  1. You could have gone when I took the older grandaughters a couple of years ago, next up will be Mia and Emma in a couple of more years. You are welcome to come with us then as well!


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