A Space-Related Socks Haiku

Don’t be silly now Life would be too Earthly with Just one NASA pair

A Puzzle Wrapped In Haiku

Diminutive type Likes to help with bazooka So then, who am I?

Haiku Two Ways (About Socks)

Inconceivable! Five whole months into ’18 Without sock haiku A dawn glance in err Not ladybug socks as thought Two-tone spots still win

A Monday Haiku, Threatening Great Expense

Front door needs replacedPut off for many moons, nowAdulting brings tears

A Haiku As A Lame Excuse

Work ate today’s post…

A Haiku For Web Development Nerds

Spent my day knee-deep, Model View Controller-ing Brain’s gone all to mush.

A Haiku For The Bengals Playoff Berth

So much determined Such regular season win! Bring it, damn Steelers.

The Binge-Watcher’s Lament, A Haiku For Netflix’s Daredevil

Loved a show. So muchGulped it down, Solo-cup style Empty cup. Now what?

A Haiku For Well-Salted Winter Roads

A white, snowy world Roads of gray and slush Washer fluid would be nice

A Limerick For The Revision Quicksand In Chapter 30

The latest of my books is called Hermey. While revising, I’m mired in Chapter 30. With great fury, I’m rewriting, But the words, they are fighting! If I don’t fix 30 soon, I’ll go loony!