A Few Worthy Skulls On All Hallow’s Eve

Look, I get it. These don’t particularly seem SO. PERFECT for Halloween, especially compared to yesterday’s jack-o’-lanterns, which, admittedly, are, like, the perfect pair of Hallmark Halloween socks. But Halloween isn’t and shouldn’t ever be a Hallmark holiday.

I mean, it’s when the spirits walk the Earth. Is that really the occasion to sell a bunch of cute collectibles?

Don’t answer that, mom.

Anyway, when I laid out my Halloween socks and considered what was more appropriate for the me on The Day Of, I immediately realized I had little choice. Jack-o’-lanterns are amazing, but skulls are the real deal, and that was all I needed to make up my mind.

Happy Halloween, kids! I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for on a night like tonight.

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