The Jack-o’-Lantern Before Samhain

I had a hard time deciding between today’s jack-o’-lantern face socks and the pair I’ve got prepped to go for tomorrow. As it turned out, even though it’s not really why I went with them today, these were a good choice this morning since we did our annual family carving tonight.

Uh, hello! There was NO carving of any actual families. What’s wrong with you people? I mean my family. We did the carving of faces into large orange gourds tonight.

Anyway, getting back to the socks, once they’ve seen both, I think most people — Puddinette included, as I obviously asked her opinion today — might choose these as the “better” pair to wear on the actual day. Thing is, most people aren’t me. It all comes down to one simple question: what does Halloween mean to you?

Hopefully tomorrow’s pair will demonstrate exactly that.

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