Several Hundred Frozen Turkeys And A Lot Of Teamwork

Not everyone digs my Minion socks, but I had to wear a pair of them today. One of the things we do as a family each year is to volunteer to help with a local food drive for Thanksgiving. It’s not a big charity association event or anything, just done by a guy we know who’s a friend of a friend, who collects as many donations as he can. Then, on the Sunday before the holiday, we shop for as many meals as possible based on the donations, assemble them all, and give them away. It’s probably the most rewarding 4-5 hours I spend doing anything all year.

It’s also teamwork at it’s finest, which made these Team Minion socks perfect for today. And now I’m going to fall asleep, because lugging around 20-lb frozen turkeys for 200 meals is exactly as exhausting as it sounds.