Getting Feral About Fair Isle

I’ve really enjoyed every pair of the holiday-themed socks I’ve worn this month, to the point that I’m thinking about maybe repeating the “new socks every day” thing next year when we hit The Season again. And, yes, in case you hadn’t guessed already, that does mean — without equivocation — that The Great 2018 Socksperiment will end on 12/31/2018. After today, I’ve got eight more days and eight more pairs.

Ignoring all of that — true facts: it makes me a little sad to bring this business to an end, but I can’t go on buying new socks indefinitely — today’s pair is no exception to the “loving the Christmas theme” vibe. In fact, I kind of wish I had a sweater in this pattern that I could wear with these socks for years to come.

Come to find out, that’s not a terrible surprise since the Puddinette tells me this pattern is known by people far more crafty than me as “Fair Isle”. It’s a reference to one of the Shetland Islands, off the coast of Scotland. So, yeah, not surprised at all that it’s a thing I like.

Spoiler alert: the Puddinette tells me they’re her favorite holiday socks so far, which is a strong indicator that these will ultimately end up in her sock drawer 10 days from now.

Here’s to wishing everyone an awesome week and outstanding (and warm) socks, and (with Christmas Eve looming) a Merry Christmas to anyone into all that. Good will to all, and joy to the world, in whatever form that takes.

Oh, and should anyone happen to find a sweater that matches these socks, let me know.

I’d even pay shipping for it.

One thought on “Getting Feral About Fair Isle

  1. Fair Isle is one of my favorite patterns ever! I should have read this sooner and you would have that sweater!!!! Maybe next year!!!!


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