A Focus On What’s Important

Twas the night before Christmas
and earlier, before Mass,
I took a shot of the altar
with my socks, like an…jerk

When I showed the Puddinette today’s picture, she immediately cocked an eyebrow at me and suggested my afterlife was likely destined for a, um, warmer climate. Ok, yeah, so maybe I did take off my shoe to get a shot of the altar, but, hey, at least I did it before Mass started.

I’m sure the Pastor will approve. He knows about the whole sock thing. And how can he not be pleased, I did after all, put the focus on the altar. See, I know what’s important still.

Now, if only I could have gotten a picture of the socks in front of the Nativity. Oh well, maybe next year.

At any rate, happy holidays to everyone reading this. A very Merry Christmas to all, and to all some cool socks!

One thought on “A Focus On What’s Important

  1. LOL!!! Merry Christmas! I adore the photo of the socks and the altar. The nativity scene shows up beautifully. I’m sure the rays from the star are reaching out to your socks. Perhaps the Puddinette read the message of the socks as I did at first — Oh. Oh Oh.


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