A Post Of Many Posts

Being Friday evening already, I have little doubt that most of you are busy readying yourselves for the inevitable carnival of debauchery that comes with the arrival of the weekend. Well, unless you’re like me, in which case you’re planning to sit in the comfy chair later tonight, play a few cutthroat rounds of Words with Friends, and then poor yourself a pint of IPA and pretend you’ll finish it somehow before nodding off in front of an episode of Arrow.

Either way, I’ll keep this short. I know, I know, I’m all empty promises, right?

I wanted to draw your attention to three blog posts, not including this one. Because, believe it or not, I actually wrote a couple this week.

First, since Wednesday was National Lager Day, I took advantage of the chance to ramble a little bit in a post for the Hoperatives. Because while ales of a hundred varieties seem to hog all the spotlight these days, lagers are a dependable, quiet hero for many of us thirsty craft beer drinkers. Maybe they deserve a second chance at that spotlight?

Beer wasn’t the only thing on my mind this week. As pretty much everyone knows, it’s holiday time, which means that the already glacial pace of publishing slows to a geological crawl. So what’s a middle grade writer with little to no patience supposed to do in the lull? Today on Middle Grade Minded, I make a few key suggestions.

Also, there’s a pretty good chance I make reference to pie.

Finally, our second oldest son turned an unfathomable 11 years old today. At first, I wanted to write a post railing against the assertion that I could possibly be old enough to be the father of 12 and 11 year old sons.  However, it turns out that I wrote a post about Middle Son’s actual birth 11 long years ago. It’s a fairly  entertaining story, all things considered.  You should check it out.

On that note, I’ll let you get back to your previously scheduled debauchery. Just remember to turn the lights out when you go out. We don’t own stock in the electricity company.

Beyond that, make sure you have a great weekend. And try not to set the place on fire.


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  1. I find it incredible that my son can have sons so old. In the future shock world it gives me comfort to hear the words, we don’t own stock in the Electric Company…some things rarely change 🙂


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