Yesterday’s Special Delivery

It’s a week after Thanksgiving, which means that here at la Casa de Puddin, we’re getting more daily visits from the UPS and FedEX trucks than the school nurse sees runny noses in February. Today, though, it wasn’t the latest pre-Christmas order from Amazon. It was a box full of this:


Now, admittedly, that maybe isn’t the most Exciting! Thing! Ever!  I mean, who gets his Underoos all bunched up about pre-cold therapy? Especially considering that I know bloggers that get deliveries including trial electronics, free beer, invitations to restaurant openings, and stacks and Stacks and STACKS of newly released books.  Hell, someone out there’s probably even getting the occasional fully poseable action figure.

Okay, so maybe I should have gone into travel blogging. A voucher to write about someplace sunny would come in damned handy in mid-January.  But I digress.

Point is, I’m still all ridiculously geeked out over my big box o’ cold remedy.

I know I’m a big dork, but, the truth of the matter is that I’m mostly excited because they just up and sent this stuff to me, free of charge or obligation. Nobody prodded me for a little quid-pro-quo, and I certainly didn’t ask for it. In fact, haven’t even mentioned it in about a year.  Nope, the very nice person from Zicam who sent us a box full of stuff last year (after I wrote this post) sent me an email a few weeks ago asking how the family was doing and could we use some more, what with winter coming and the Cold Monster bearing down on us like a shotgun-flailing Elmer Fudd hopped up on espresso?

And well, four kids and cold season, so yes, we can always use more. Especially considering how well the stuff seems to work. In fact, if I start taking it soon enough, the dread Cold Monster never manages to evolve from the fledgling Cold Larva stage, and a day or so later my boosted immune system has squashed that little bug good. All without hacking, snorting, or embarrassing my colleagues in meetings.

Yesterday, then, a box with all this stuff showed up on our doorstep. And then I went all SQUEEEE!

So why did I lay it all out on the counter, take a picture of it and go rambling on about it now?  The way I see it, one good turn deserves another. And this, kids, was exactly a pretty good turn. I would be remiss, then, if I didn’t at least come out and say, publicly, hey, thanks, Zicam! You people are pretty awesome.

Even more importantly, that, kids, is a pretty fine demonstration of how a brand does social media right.

Now, then, who’s feeling a little under the weather? I got you covered.


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