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Getting Busy And Old And Exploiting Taylor Swift Songs

I have to apologize for not posting sooner this week. I was out of town doing that work thing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, off having middle-aged dude adventures in Greenville, SC and Wallingford, CT (which is not too far from Hartford). Oh, and, for the record, “middle-aged dude adventures” means having too much curry at […]

It’s Snowy And School Is Closed Tomorrow

 Also, Grammy Puddin’s birthday was yesterday, so The Attitude and I did what any right-thinking father-son combination should do. We made oatmeal cookies to take her this weekend.  Hopefully the snow that’s falling right now will accommodate.  If not, we’ll be forced to eat them all ourselves and make more later. Because clearly only a […]

A Post Of Many Posts

Being Friday evening already, I have little doubt that most of you are busy readying yourselves for the inevitable carnival of debauchery that comes with the arrival of the weekend. Well, unless you’re like me, in which case you’re planning to sit in the comfy chair later tonight, play a few cutthroat rounds of Words […]

How To Ruin A Six Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Calamity. Tragedy. Havoc. CAKETASTROPHE. When I woke up Sunday morning, I found myself staring into a box that surely signified misery, anguish, and doom. The Attitude’s 6th Birthday party was just over three hours away, and in the windowed, white bakery box that not eight hours earlier had held his finished, decorated, homemade Pac-Man/Jack o’ […]

The Puddinette Got A Year Older Today And All I Gave Her Was A Crummy Lunch Sack

On this day, exactly mumblecough* years ago, the heavens opened wide, and in a breathtaking expanse of starlight and trumpets, my wife was born unto this Earth. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how it happened. My research departments suggests there was actually a hospital involved.  And doctors. And some nurses or whatever. Nervous-excited expectant […]

The Nine Year-Old Girl With a Stuffed Giraffe’s Head

As if usually the case, I had every intention of Doing All The Things this weekend. I was going to get all kinds of stuff done and maybe even mark a few things off the List of Husbandly Sloth. However, as is always the case on Monday, that didn’t so much happen.  I guess I […]

Happy (Almost) Birthday. We’d Kill You For You Business.

Everybody likes to get birthday offers for stuff in their mail and/or email.  Especially stuff that’s free. Because, let’s be honest, short of becoming one of those people from that Cheapskates show who might be willing to drag trash cans down to the pond the ducks poop in at the park to draw off a […]

Foregoing The Usual Birthday Post (Brownie Now!)

Yesterday I was buzzing like a bee, all a-rarin’ to go, and chomping at the bit, even, consumed with magnificent intention to write The Annual Birthday post. I’m sure it would have been full of faux wisdom and charm, and reminders that one’s birthday makes them no more than 24 hours older than the day […]

A Haiku Because I’ll Be 41 Years Old By Sunrise Tomorrow

Birthday tomorrow41 years zipped right byGlad I still feel 12

8 short years ago, everything changed when a new lady came into our lives

Remember the day my only daughter was born? No? Well, luckily, there’s a post for that. Why do I mention it?  Well, today is her big day; It’s the Princess Puddinette’s birthday.  And while it’s hard to believe she was born only 8 short years ago, it’s not hard to think of all they ways […]