One More Blast At The Grill

Not knowing how many more days 80+ degree days 2018 is going to give us, I broke out the tubed meats this afternoon and fired up the grill. To go with the today’s end-of-summer weekend grilling, I was glad to see I still had a pair of hot dog anklets in the drawer this morning. […]

Belated But Still Beloved

It seems that yesterday was National Doughnut Day, which I guess has been a thing since, like, the Depression? Regardless, in had other things needing some sockey attention yesterday, and even I’m not crazy enough to attempt multiple pairs of socks in one day. Which means recognition of National Doughnut day had to be a […]

That IS A Tasty Burger!

These hamburgers really didn’t have much to do with my day today. I didn’t have a burger and had no real plan to grill when I put them on this morning. But I like the black background and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a nice juicy burger at the end of a long week? […]

Hey, there, ‘lil guys

Sitting out on our back patio tonight after a quick storm raced through the area  (leaving the air outside 10 degrees hotter and roughly 3000% more humid), I just happened to peek at our peppers. Lo and behold, after weeks of seeing naught but blooms and the occasional wee sprouts, I found some things growing. […]

A Night For Last Year’s Cookies

   On occasion, if you’re lucky, one a random Wednesday night, a seven year old who happens to live at the same address as you do might come up to you out of the blue and ask, “Dad, can we make oatmeal cookies like we used to last year?” And, sure, at first you hesitate […]

The Gallon Sized Bag Of Foolishness

On occasion, I have been known to chase significant, specific change in my life as the result what most people might generously refer to as “an odd tangent”. Less generous individuals might, however, suggest that sometimes I get a wild hair up my….well, you know. The point is, from time to time I get this […]

A Backyard Summer Miracle

I went out on our back patio last night to enjoy the dwindling moments of daylight and the evening breeze with The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. What I found before settling in astonished me.  We have…    …made the green…   …things grow! I realize that many of you are probably eying my […]

It’s Snowy And School Is Closed Tomorrow

 Also, Grammy Puddin’s birthday was yesterday, so The Attitude and I did what any right-thinking father-son combination should do. We made oatmeal cookies to take her this weekend.  Hopefully the snow that’s falling right now will accommodate.  If not, we’ll be forced to eat them all ourselves and make more later. Because clearly only a […]

No Cookie Thursday

 For whatever reason, I’ve gotten it into my head over the course of the past six months or so that Thursday night is cookie night, the best night of the week to dig out the brown sugar and a mixer and whip up a batch of chewy goodness. Or at least it is when […]

A Haiku For The Baffling Devotion To Girl Scout Cookies

Each year Girl Scouts rule. O’er a Thin Mint reign I’ll take nice chocolate chips, thanks