A Night For Last Year’s Cookies

On occasion, if you’re lucky, one a random Wednesday night, a seven year old who happens to live at the same address as you do might come up to you out of the blue and ask, “Dad, can we make oatmeal cookies like we used to last year?” And, sure, at first you hesitate because it’s a school night and you’re exhausted from work and the kitchen needs to be cleaned up after dinner and why can’t you just put all the kids to bed at 7 o’clock like when they were 3?

But then, if you’re lucky, you’ll get over yourself and realize that, you know, maybe a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies could just be the thing to transform your Wednesday from mediocre to memorable. So you clean up the kitchen and you take stock of the pantry. And sure, maybe you don’t have all the exact ingredients, being a tad short on chocolate chips and wee smidgen even shorter on oatmeal. 

It’s just past the holidays, though, and if you’re extra lucky, you’ll realize you have several as-yet-unclaimed chocolate bars sitting around the house waiting to be chunked into bits and mixed into cookie dough. And, if you’re super extra lucky, your cookie recipe can be adjusted slightly for a wee shortage of oatmeal.

So, then, because of Last Year’s cookies and a dollop of luck, you get to spend half an hour in the kitchen with that seven year old, baking a batch of cookies. And at the end, you earn what you were really hunting for: this smile, wrapped around a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chunk delight.

 Yeah, I’d say I got pretty lucky tonight. Not bad for 45 minute on a Wednesday.

Plus also, now I have cookies. 


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    1. There were! Super-simple recipe, too. Next time, though, I’ll skip the Baking Soda. I like my cookies a little flatter. 🙂 Thanks for the kind comment!


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