Hey, there, ‘lil guys

Sitting out on our back patio tonight after a quick storm raced through the area  (leaving the air outside 10 degrees hotter and roughly 3000% more humid), I just happened to peek at our peppers. Lo and behold, after weeks of seeing naught but blooms and the occasional wee sprouts, I found some things growing. Things that appear to be genuine, blest-by-Mother-Nature peppers. 

For those interested, there are actually two plants there, a bell pepper plant and a jalapeño. If you look at top, in the foreground, you’ll see evidence of the former. In the background are a few dangling examples of the latter. All of which means, if I play my cards right, in a month or so maybe I’ll have me some salsa fixings.*

Oh, and if you’re wondering where I’ve been lately? Knee deep in a critical revision of Project Macaroni. Which should be finished and ready for sending out next week.**

So, yay! Fruits of the plants and fruits of labor are all potentially coming ripe in the very near future. At which time, there will, of course, be salsa and celebratory beverages.

Bring your own chips, and I might even share. 


*Fledging tomato fruits extant, but not pictured. Maybe we’ll get a shot of those next week.
**Also, every time I think maybe I should write a post, some other *!%#-blasted @&$hole shoots a bunch of people, and I’m relieved of the urge to do anything besides either sit, catatonic in a padded room, or scream until my throat is raw. This also leads to extended contemplation of the mind-numbing lack of efficacy demonstrated by the current incarnation of Amercan representative government. But that’s another post, and one I don’t particularly need or want to write.