A Year And Five Days Later

Exactly 370 days ago, I sat on my back patio and took a photo of some fledgling green peppers and posted it. A few days later I started a huge project at work and Life, well, life did what life does when you reach the dread Middle Ages and have somehow become a person of not trivial responsibilities despite one’s best attempts to avoid exactly that. 

The project isn’t over. We’ve done a ton of work and I’m very excited about it. Still, it’s one of those projects that will very likely never be actually complete. That said, the heavy lifting of phase one is rounding third and heading home, so I figured I’d drop in and say hello. Besides, 370 days is probably enough time to go between posting pictures of my back patio. So, have a picture!

You’ll notice that in this year’s version, a really sketchy pair of feet have taken up residence along with a swanky new glider, and there are no green peppers or red peppers or peppers of any kind. We decided enough people offer us peppers and tomatoes every August that we didn’t need to fret over daily water and sunning and singing to the garden things. The kids demand enough of that from us as it is. 

Well, not really. Three of my kids are either fully teen or teen-adjacent at this point. Their demands of me at present include: 

  1. Daily excessive feedings
  2. A bed to lie in until the ever-challenging post-noon hours
  3. High speed Internet service 
  4. Additional feedings
  5. Snacks

Anyway, hope you had a fantastic 370 days. We should totally not be strangers. Come say hi! Tell me about your vacation. Or the holidays last year. Or even about that stew you made last March. Whatever. 

I’ll be here, waiting. Sittin’ on my patio. Wondering if those ravenous heathens left me any beef jerky.


2 thoughts on “A Year And Five Days Later

  1. Hello! Congratulations on 370 days. A lot of blogs do not last that long, so that’s a huge accomplishment. How do you feel about it now compared to back then?


  2. It’s lovely to have you back I doubt I saw many of your posts, because I probably did not follow you long before you vanished. Good luck returning to a more normal life.

    We are having a busy summer. Both our grandsons are staying with us and working. Juggling schedules is a way of life right now, but having them here is marvelous.

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