Happy Birthday to My Wife

The Puddinette finally caught up to me in years having circled the local star today, bringing us both to the ripe middling age of *mumblecough*. It’s a good omen, I reckon, that we were also the same age when we met, too. Clearly that means we are destined for something, although I can’t quite guess at what. So far I’ve only come up with “being the perfect complement to each other”, which is pretty close to greatness anyway, if you ask me.  I’ll let you know if I come up with anything else. 

In the meantime, help me wish my beautiful, beloved Puddinette a wonderful day of celebrating the day she arrived in the world, no doubt already well-organized and with a bag full of school supplies. Hopefully her day will be filled with helpful, good-natured offspring, a husband that somehow doesn’t do anything stupid for Just. One. Day, a glass or two of sweet wine, and obviously, an abundance of foot rubs.

The girl born on this day those few years ago is, to me, everything seen in the picture above, and I hope she always knows it.

Feliz Cumpleanos y te amo, Q!