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Hey, there, ‘lil guys

Sitting out on our back patio tonight after a quick storm raced through the area  (leaving the air outside 10 degrees hotter and roughly 3000% more humid), I just happened to peek at our peppers. Lo and behold, after weeks of seeing naught but blooms and the occasional wee sprouts, I found some things growing. […]

A Backyard Summer Miracle

I went out on our back patio last night to enjoy the dwindling moments of daylight and the evening breeze with The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. What I found before settling in astonished me.  We have…    …made the green…   …things grow! I realize that many of you are probably eying my […]

Weekend Debate: Suburban Agriculture

Last night, I harvested what I could from my backyard, um, garden. In the springtime, I’d had grandiose visions of making salsa from peppers and tomatoes grown in my very own dirt, by my very own hands. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture below, the results were, well, somewhat underwhelming. Actually, underwhelming might […]