Weekend Debate

Weekend Debate: Oyster Crackers

I’ve made no attempt to hide that fact that I’m quite the fan of Cincinnati’s (in)famous style of chili. In fact, for a few months back in 2011, I was even compiling research to find the “best” take-out 3-way chili in Puddintopia’s award-winning 3-Way Thursday series.  I swear, it was at least as scientific as […]

Weekend Debate: Hot Dogs vs. Hamburgers

Here it is, Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s officially the Kick-Off Weekend for Summer (which, come to think of it, I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t tried to get in on, really).  All across the United States of ‘Merica, good hard-working folk will be icing down summery brews, doing a little light yard work, opening up swimming […]

Weekend Debate: Movies in theaters vs. Blu-Rays at home

Since I went to all the trouble of detailing the summer movies of 2013 that I intend to see, two of them have hit the theaters already.  And somehow I’ve yet to set foot in the MegaUberCineplex or purchase a single kernel of exorbitantly overpriced, heart-clogging movie popcorn.  Obviously, this makes me have a little […]

Weekend Debate, Mother’s Day Edition

I wrote a Debate post last year for Mother’s Day, back when the “Weekend Debate” was still the “Saturday Debate”.  What you should takeaway from that is that last May, I was fool hearty enough to think believe could squeeze a discussion topic post out every Saturday afternoon. Clearly, this was before I realized my […]

Weekend Debate Poll: E-Reader Tablet Edition

Choose wisely! Pud’n

Weekend Debate: Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD Tablets

I’ve been contemplating writing a post for quite some time about the Nook HD versus the Kindle Fire HD.  Since we have one of each, I’ve definitely formed an opinion about which one I prefer to use on a daily basis. Admittedly, there are many different facets to this particular topic of debate. Some people […]

Weekend Debate Poll, Buffalo wing edition

Weekend Debate: Ranch vs Blue Cheese (Buffalo Wing Edition)

Last November when I did NaNo, I temporarily put the wildly mildly popular “Weekend Debate” feature here on the blog on hiatus.  Because, well, time, you know?  The thing is – and this will likely come as a surprise – it’s actually more difficult to fit in my daily writing quota during the weekends than […]

Weekend Debate: Sauerkraut and other beloved foods of ill-repute

I don’t know what does it.  Perhaps it’s so ingrained in my three-quarters German blood that there’s just no avoiding it for long.  Or maybe it was triggered by the knowledge that Bockfest, Cincinnati’s spring festival devoted to the all things Bock, goat, sausage, and, well, German, is currently in full swing just a few […]

Weekend Debate: Fake Girlfriends

Odds are pretty good that unless you live in some kind of drafty, dark unheated cavern—which is unlikely given that you’re reading an online blog at the moment—you’ve likely heard something about Manti Te’o.  If you haven’t, let me sum up: the guy played linebacker for Notre Dame, was the runner up for the Heisman […]