Weekend Debate, Mother’s Day Edition

Weekend Debate LogoI wrote a Debate post last year for Mother’s Day, back when the “Weekend Debate” was still the “Saturday Debate”.  What you should takeaway from that is that last May, I was fool hearty enough to think believe could squeeze a discussion topic post out every Saturday afternoon. Clearly, this was before I realized my weekends often make the President’s daily agenda look simple.  And he’s got an entire staff to keep him on track.

In fact, I think I’m going to start referring to the Puddintopia writing area as the East Wing.  Because, why not?

Anyway, so back to the Weekend Debate. In case you weren’t aware, Mother’s Day is this weekend (if, in fact, you weren’t aware, you can thank me later.  Go buy a card and something nice for the lady who either a) carried your unappreciative, under-developed corporeal form to term while it incubated long enough to breath oxygen and survive the outside world, b) nurtured and raised you, cut the crusts off your sandwiches, and waited up to until 2 am to make sure you were alive and unharmed before she started yelling at you, or c ) all of the above.

Of course, mothers everywhere have been barking orders to “stop fighting!”, “quit bickering!”, and “empty the drainer” (maybe that last one is just for me?) since the dawn of time, so it seemed a little, I don’t know, wrong to be stirring up a fight on the weekend dedicated to her.

So I figured let’s take it easy this week.

On Sunday afternoon, fathers across the US will stumble into the kitchen and realize that dinner is their responsibility. Of course, that’s not to suggest they don’t normally manage dinner.  This isn’t Mad Men and I’d like to think misogyny of that order has no place on a blog titled for a guy nicknamed “Puddin”.

That said, you can’t screw up Mother’s Day dinner, and  you can’t mail it in.  All the options, though, are fraught with more peril than spending a day with He Who Shall Not Be Named. Dining out when everyone else in the free world with a mom is dining out  – which, FYI, is pretty much everyone (well, except for those pod-grown clones, but that’s another post) – can lead to waiting and frustration and Just The Worst Day Ever.  On the other hand, if you try to make her a special meal of her favorite salmon croquettes and the result is a plateful of some knobby mounds of greasy fish pucks after you’ve destroyed the kitchen with Hurricane Dad, you’re not exactly scoring major points.

So, the question is,

Mother’s Day Dinner: Cook for her at home or Dine out?

Drop some knowledge about your Mother’s Day situation, peeps. Let’s pro and con this bad boy.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking up croquette recipes.  You know, for a friend.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Debate, Mother’s Day Edition

  1. We eat at home. My husband does an entire meal on the grill which suits me fine and doesn’t take him out of his comfort zone. Now how do I explain he doesn’t need to buy me anything because I bought myself crazy expensive shoes already and have been hiding them in the trunk of my car for three weeks?


    1. LOL. Just tell him now he doesn’t have to get you anything but a smiling face. Then, on Sunday, break out the news about the shoes. It’ll be Mother’s Day, and he’ll have promised to smile! 🙂


  2. Ken asks me every year what I would like him to cook for me, but I have to say, that much like Amy I’m one of the lucky ones who has a husband who likes cooking and is good at it : ) Waiting for a seat in a crowded restaurant with a 16month old and a 5yr old doesn’t sound like a relaxing day to me.


  3. We tried eating out one year when your Grandmother was still with us and it was pretty much a disaster!! Home is good. 🙂


  4. I have no problem preparing what Grammy Puddin wants. Her deciding on a meal is the challenge:) I’d rather be flailed than eat out….lines are long and restaurants literally run out of stuff…plus it’s better if my food is bad…costs less….lol


  5. My response would be to do both! of sorts. Mothers day for me is a day out for mum, she loves to potter around Nurseries (garden centers) so on Mothers day we take her too her favourite one without my dad saying, how much are you spending, and arent we ready to go yet! I spend the time with Mum, hubby takes my father to the local pub. Then back to our house for a cold buffet of meats and salads and cakes, sometimes if weather allows a BBQ. My parents stay with us over night and we spend the evening in comfy relaxing clothes playing monopoly or scrabble, then end with a jenga tournament. Some classy music in the background and the old happy chats. Following morning a huge tasty lazy late breakfast together.

    Going out is fine for some, but we love our personal touch 🙂


    1. That sounds fantastic! I love that you find a way to keep otherwise dad occupied, too, so he won’t ruin it (and trust me, I understand. I’d totally ruin such an adventure for the Puddinette purely unintentionally). You’re definitely doing it right!


      1. The best gift you can give your mother is time away from your dad! lol.
        We quite often buy her a shopping voucher and let her wander around town without hassle, makes her smile 🙂


  6. Well I have to admit, I stand corrected!! This year we met Ryan and Becca and the kids and Gloria, Rob and Robby for dinner and we ended up Barleycorns on Dixie Hwy. No wait, and even tho we didn’t prolong dinner, because we knew they would want to turn the table over, we didn’t feel rushed and had dessert and coffee!!! Then we stopped at Casa Puddin and then I had chats with David and Kara! So it was a good day, all around!!!! Sometimes the stars do align!!! 🙂


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