Weekend Debate: Hot Dogs vs. Hamburgers

Here it is, Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s officially the Kick-Off Weekend for Summer (which, come to think of it, I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t tried to get in on, really).  All across the United States of ‘Merica, good hard-working folk will be icing down summery brews, doing a little light yard work, opening up swimming pools, and lighting their grills for some BBQ-ing that in most cases isn’t really barbecuing at all.

More importantly, there will be parades and honors, cemetery visits, respectful moments of silence, and prayers to thank the fallen and lost.

And then it’ll be time for a little cookin’ out, because if there’s one thing the good ole U. S of A. knows how to do, it’s cookin’ out.

Well, that and obsess over stupid, pointless celebrity train-wrecks, but that’s neither here nor there.

Sure, there will be the occasionally more fancy fare, your ‘wursts and the occasional steak. Perhaps a brave piece of fish or something.  But, by and large, when it comes to the first cook out weekend of the Summer, the menu lists hamburgers and hot dogs.

Hamburgers: meaty, round, dripping luscious fatty goodness down your face and arms with every bite.  Cheese is an option, but not really optional.

Hot Dogs: the quintessential meat in tube form.  A simple and much-beloved sausage of, well, you know, meat parts (?), best slathered in a nuclear yellow mustard and nestled in onions and/or kraut.

So, which is it?  What’s your preferred cook-out staple?  This calls for discussion!  Let’s make it an official Weekend Debate topic (Holiday Edition):

Best Summer Holiday Cook-Out Food: Hamburgers or Hot Dogs?

You know what to do.  Let’s hear what you like.

Me, I’m a hamburger guy.  When it comes to meat in tube form, I prefer something that ends in the letters w-u-r-s-t and snaps when you eat it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to buy a six-pack of summery brew and fill up my propane tank.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Try not to break anything.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Debate: Hot Dogs vs. Hamburgers

  1. Okay, here’s the deal: Hamburgers generally trump hot dogs because the patty format allows for a wider array of condiments, including my personal favorites: Sharp cheddar OR Smoked Gouda, along with grilled portobello mushroom or vidalia onion…

    On the other hand, a Kosher hot dog trumps the burger… with the possible exception of polska kielbasa. I concur with your preference for a casing that snaps.

    At this point, the selection of beverage becomes critical. I can go for a nice simple merlot or a hard lemonade. That way, if the kids start getting out of hand, you can slip ’em a few sips and 8-10 minutes later enjoy your holiday weekend in peace.

    Or am I over-thinking things here? LOL


    1. You make an excellent point about the hamburgers allowing for more condimentation. The exception, of course, being the standard Chicago dog, which I believe has both the snap of a good casing and pretty much every topping ever conceived by humankind (I swear I had one with a kitchen sink once)!

      And if the Weekend Debate has ANY utility whatsoever, it’s to garner and nuture the over-thinking of things! 😀



  2. I love both, cheeseburgers (because really a burger is just naked w/o cheese, but I’d you do dogs (or sausages) you can always cut them up in left over baked beans and have “beanie-weenies!” :-). Still a fave, even tho’ my kids are way grown up!!!!!


  3. Aw, geez. Now I’m going to have to spend the whole weekend trying to decide which is better. I totally agree about the condiment thing…but I kind of like hot dogs better. Good old fashioned Kahn’s Weiners. I don’t fuss about snappy casing, so much. Except choosing hot dogs makes me feel like I’m probably not as sophisticated a cooker-outer as you all who prefer hamburgers. I’m just not a grown up. There’s probably some developmental food stage I didn’t pass through.

    Sometimes I have a hamburger, even though I’d rather have a couple of dogs. Kind of like how I pretended to think Brave was an awesome movie, for it’s feminist stance, instead of The Little Mermaid, which, even though the whole “I have to get kissed by a prince based pretty much on how I look rather than my opinions and personality so I can get my opinions and personality back” was a bit (a lot) offensive…because it had waaaaaay better songs.

    Have a great holiday weekend!


  4. Burger with either a fried egg or avocado. And summer calls for Founder’s Double Trouble. Although a good Hebrew National dog with spicy mustard is delicious. Hmmm. THis debate could go on for a while – fire up the grill…


  5. Hamburgers can be cooked with ice chips, garlic shards and peppercorns in them….but then there’s bratwurst, which are related to hotdogs the same way my scooter is to a Harley. A burger with ice, salt, peppercorns, garlic cloves ground up into it, turned exactly once…mmmmm.

    Then again, brats, seared on the grill, then boiled in beer, with fresh mustard powder and vinegar? mmmmm….

    I’ll have to try both and report back.


  6. I am an equal opportunity devour-er. I always go for the best of both worlds, a cheese burger and a dog. I am a beer brat guy simply because it has the word beer in it, and well…. I like beer.


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