Expectations Assembled

Socks for Cap. They matched my shirt. Truth be told, though, I've always been a bigger fan of Iron-Man. Thankfully, sides no longer matter. Not pictured in the foreground of today's selection: the screen rolling credits for Avengers: Infinity War. It was everything I hoped it would be. My only complaint is that I won't … Continue reading Expectations Assembled

Infinity Socks

I am so ridiculously excited about the release of Avengers: Infinity War (and getting to see it tomorrow), I had to represent with today's sockage. I don't have any actual Avengers socks, sadly (because, well, movie licensed stuff ain't cheap, yo), but I felt pretty good poppin this pair of planets. After all, Thanos, the … Continue reading Infinity Socks

Take Two

I've never rented a movie a didn't finish. Luckily, modern day streaming rentals are typically 48 hours. Just as the Batman usually needs a second encounter to vanquish a villian, I always conquer a rental on the second go 'round. Oh, and for the record: the new Jumanji movie is a solid flick. It gets … Continue reading Take Two

A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: Interstellar

I waited an inordinately long time to see Interstellar, and I’m kind of ashamed of it. This is geek stuff! Spacey! Futurey! Black Holey! Einsteiny! It’s my bread and butter, my mother’s milk. A space movie with breathtaking space, actual characterization, solid dialogue and potentially even science? And from Christopher “Memento/Dark Knight/Inception” Nolan, even! If … Continue reading A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: Interstellar