This Is Not The Day You’re Looking For

I keep thinking today is Thursday. It’s not; it’s Wednesday. That’s unfortunate, too, because Thursday usually means wrapping up the week’s homework with the kids, looking forward to “casual day”, and, if I’m lucky, designating it Beer and A Movie Night.  Wednesday, on the other hand, means baseball practice, more homework, taking the recycling out, […]

In Preparation For Snowpocalypse ‘16

If at any point, you had the grand misfortune of being exposed to your local news today – perhaps because you visited a dear, sleepy relative at Withering Acres, or you lost your remote control and were held captive for 3 frantic minutes to whatever local channel you happened to fall asleep in front of […]

A Haiku For Well-Salted Winter Roads

A white, snowy world Roads of gray and slush Washer fluid would be nice

Snowy Days And Shovels

Mother Nature must have heard me when I vowed I wasn’t going to spend all winter complaining about, well, winter. Because it sure seems like she’s given some of us a bit of respite this season all the way around. Sure, we’ve had a cold spell or two, but for the most part we haven’t […]

The Saturday Afternoon View From My Porch

So here’s what I’m looking at right now. At nearly 50 degrees this afternoon, I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend a little time on my back porch, revising Project Hermey under an unseasonably crystal blue February sky. The Attitude agreed, at least about it being ridonkulously nice for the second month […]

Now Is The Winter Of Our Attempted Content

I feel like I’ve given myself a bit of reputation. No, not for being “the guy you want to get under the bleachers at football games.”  That was only eth one time, I swear! I was, um, a sophomore and didn’t know any better. Who am I kidding? The only time I was ever under […]

That Big, Beautiful Space Above Your Head

I will largely be off doing things today, important, non-interwebsy type things, such as being an act-first-think-later style international master spy equally at home wearing a tuxedo as carrying a sniper rifle. Or maybe I’ll be out tracking that black bear that’s been making cameos in suburban Cincinnati this week. With luck, I can reunite […]

Tuesday Evening Baseball

The Oldest Son is theoretically going to play a baseball game in half an hour or so. Beneath this sky, I’m pretty dubious that it’s going to actually happen. The odds, however, of me making a mad dash for the car among a pack of other scurrying, middle-aged parents sometime in the ensuing hour is […]

I Have Only One Thing To Say Today

See that? Up there? That I circled? Yeah. Just look at all those marvelous degrees. Seriously, if you added them up, the highs would make TRIPLE DIGITS AND EVERYTHING! A few weeks ago, you could add up the highs and not get positive numbers. So, yeah, if that forecast there doesn’t give you a case […]

A Haiku For Finishing Project Tennyson On A Snow Day

Wintery complaintsfill my thoughts. I swore no more.So! Look! Book is done!