Winter Is…Forget it, It Done Showed Up

I’ve been super pumped about thes socks for a while, largely because with the ducks and hounds on them, I thought for sure I could write a post about Duck Hunt or something. Especially since fall is typically when most of the hunting is done, right?

Yeah, this post — especially leading into the weekend — was totally going to be hugely autumnal. I was probably gonna mention leaves and jackets and playing football in the backyard in a hoodie, and possibly even, like, apple cider!

But then I looked at WTForecast (which, incidentally, is THE only way to get weather on a mobile device), and realized the temps would be in the 30’s before I even wrote this post. Oh, and between that point and tomorrow morning? Yeah, I think the low will be, like, 22F.

There’s nothing autumnal about that nonsense.

Which means that, one again, Our Lady Mother Nature had decided that after basically 10 days of something approximating fall weather, we’d gotten all we needed. And now, winter. Screw you all; enjoy trying to keep your precious nethers warm and she’ll talk to us again in, like, April.

Which is why there’s been a fire rolling in the fireplace at La Casa de Puddin since I got home from work. Never one to miss a roaring photo, I tried very hard to get a picture of said cockle-warming blaze in the background of my daily sock post. But then, this happened, and I just couldn’t ignore it. Especially at the tail of Dog Week.

Here’s to Smoky, living large while everything else apparently goes to the dogs. Hope you will enjoy, have a great weekend, and, please, try not to set the place on fire.