QIWAT: Is It Dots Or Is It Polka?’

Orange dots on a field of blue. The perfect socks to applaud FC Cincinnati’s first win of the season. But, more interestingly, this particular pair triggered a conversation about what exactly defines the ubiquitous Polka Dots. Most everyone who saw these today made gliv reference to polka dots. But, is that just because of dots? […]

Another word about THAT word, now with added science!

Remember back around Festivus a year or so ago when I posted a rant wondering about this nonsense that everyone seems to freak out about the word “moist”? Well, as it turns out, my little reaction post was nothing in the grand scheme of thing. Because why just write meaningless blog posts about stuff when, […]

A Day In The Life

I’d fully intended Monday’s post to stand as a sort of personal affirmation about the shift in my nightly focus away from binging on superheroes in high definition and towards kicking ass and taking names my own self, on my own projects. However, shortly after the post went up, it was pointed out to me […]

Thoughts About That Bengals Game

I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals fans since I was 8 years old. I’m almost 43 now, which means I’ve been WhoDey!-ing those orange and black stripes for something like 35 years. My fandom started, not surprisingly, in 1981. When the local team goes to the Super Bowl, it tends to have that effect on a […]

The Best Monday Of The Year (or Revisiting The Start Of The 2015 NCAA Tournament)

Yeah, you heard me right: yesterday was the best Monday of the year. Ordinarily, I’d argue that suggesting any one particular Monday could possible trump it’s 51 brethren was crazy talk on the highest order. Like, seriously, you’d be better off taking stock tips from the “magic” fortune teller that made Tom Hanks Big. It’s […]

An Open Post To The CW Executives

Dear CW Executives, You got me. I am fully prepared to admit it and I’m don’t even feel bad.  I resisted, at first, because I’m a grown-up and have grown-up responsibilities. I have a job to work at and books and posts to write and kids to raise.  The stupid dishwasher still doesn’t empty itself […]

Now Is The Winter Of Our Attempted Content

I feel like I’ve given myself a bit of reputation. No, not for being “the guy you want to get under the bleachers at football games.”  That was only eth one time, I swear! I was, um, a sophomore and didn’t know any better. Who am I kidding? The only time I was ever under […]

A Festivus Grievance: What’s So Wrong With ‘Moist’?

As everyone who lived in the 90’s and has any taste whatsoever knows, Festivus is a holiday celebration observed every year on December 23rd. It starts with an unadorned pole – because, let’s face it, nobody’s got the time or patience for fancy tree decoratin’ – and then you get together to enjoy many time-honored […]

Dear Amtrak, About Those Writing Residences

Dear Amtrak, The hazy, self-loathing, liquor-soaked writers of the world straightened in their seat slightly, closed their twitter window, washed their faces, shaved whatever parts needed shaving, and—begrudgingly, I admit—put on a pair pants earlier this year when you announced the opportunity to let a small number of wordslingers take part in a free residency […]

Late Night Storms And Wednesday Morning Mulligans

Wednesday got off to a rough start.  Because Zeus and Poseidon were apparently attempting to settle a bet via what I can only assume was a raucous bowling match in the heavens above my house last night, I found myself conspicuously not asleep at 2:30 this morning. As a result, I slept through my alarm […]