Thoughts About That Bengals Game

I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals fans since I was 8 years old. I’m almost 43 now, which means I’ve been WhoDey!-ing those orange and black stripes for something like 35 years. My fandom started, not surprisingly, in 1981. When the local team goes to the Super Bowl, it tends to have that effect on a […]

A Haiku For The Bengals Playoff Berth

So much determined Such regular season win! Bring it, damn Steelers.

The Best Monday Of The Year (or Revisiting The Start Of The 2015 NCAA Tournament)

Yeah, you heard me right: yesterday was the best Monday of the year. Ordinarily, I’d argue that suggesting any one particular Monday could possible trump it’s 51 brethren was crazy talk on the highest order. Like, seriously, you’d be better off taking stock tips from the “magic” fortune teller that made Tom Hanks Big. It’s […]

Five Things For The Monday After

I would be remiss in not mentioning that the After in question above is clearly a reference to yesterday’s Super Bowl, which is arguably the single biggest TV-watching holiday on the American calendar.  Honestly, I think someone should probably just have the NFL file as a religious organization so we can recognize Super Bowl Sunday […]

Tuesday Evening Baseball

The Oldest Son is theoretically going to play a baseball game in half an hour or so. Beneath this sky, I’m pretty dubious that it’s going to actually happen. The odds, however, of me making a mad dash for the car among a pack of other scurrying, middle-aged parents sometime in the ensuing hour is […]

An Even Better Hint Of Spring

Today started off a little rough. Sweet. Work PC won’t even attempt to boot. I am NOT impressed thus far, Wednesday. Even Monday had better manners. — Jason A. Rust (@jasonarust) February 26, 2014 Luckily, Wednesday seemed chastened by my hard talk and tough love. PC back in working order with a new video card. […]

A poem for the Reds before tonight’s National League Wildcard Playoff.

In case you weren’t aware, my Cincinnati Reds face off against the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight in a one-game playoff of the NL Wildcard teams. The winner advances to the National League Divisional Series to face the St. Louis Cardinals. In honor of tonight’s game, then, I figured we could use a little poem. And what […]

Five Things About Current Events

It’s Monday. That’s the day that follows the weekend. So, yeah, the weekend is over.  And that makes exactly no people happy. Well, except that one guy, but no one really likes him.  Plus, have you seen the way he watches you when you’re eating Chinese food? It’s like, dude, get your own kung pao. […]

A haiku for the 2013 Cincinnati Reds

In one club, two teamsJekyll, pitcher’s bane. Runs mountDamn Hyde can’t find Home.

The Great American Pastime

“Just put the bat on the ball. Watch it all the way to the bat.” It was the last regular season game of the Puddinpop’s ten-week season. A season spent huddled with other parents in collapsible chairs around a dusty, sun-baked diamond, a soggy, rain-soaked diamond, a diamond filled with promise and disappointment. “Right. I […]