The Referee Isn’t Always This Blind, But He Rocks Lame Socks Regardless

Eldest son earned his first varsity Yellow Card tonight, for “Dissent”, of all things. In other words, he might have suggested out loud, on the field, that the referee was out of his freaking mind. Eldest Son was not wrong. The referee called a horribly one-sided game. But, alas, such is life sometimes. And the […]

Slalom? More Like Slammin’, Into The Side Of A Tree

At last we reach the zenith of Sports Week, I’m gald to be able to share with you socks from the sport I am least likely to participate in. Sure, skiing looked cool in all ths great and awful B-grade 80s comedy movies, but the fact is that there is no instructor on the Earth […]

You Gotta Represent, Especially If You Can’t Ball

Continuing the theme of the week, I couldn’t possibly live with myself if I hadn’t had a pair of basketball socks. Now, the Puddinette will not favor this picture, because she prefers when they look more “natural”, meaning “at comfortable rest” rather than “looking like I just shoved my feet out in front of me […]

One More Pair, For The Gipper

Are you getting sick of football-related socks yet? I figured probably so, but that I might as well wear these today, since it’s the first Monday night of a brand new season of Monday Night Football. Truth be told, I wanted to wear them to kick off Sports Week, which may or may not end […]

Showing My Stripes (Without Any)

For more than 90% of the fans around The League, things didn’t really get started until today. As such, I was clearly obligated to wear socks appropriate for the Bengals’ first game of the year. If I’m being honest, I probably should have gotten a better pair to rep the team. This pattern of footballs […]

Socks For The Start Of The League (In Absentia)

For the first real Thursdy Night Football of the NFL 2018-19 season, I would have been a fool not to put on this pair of socks with footballs (American-style) on the field. Of course, I didn’t get to actually tune in for Thursday Night Football because my life is far more about the kind of […]

In Honor of FC Cincinnati’s Big Day

Unfortantely, I wasn’t able to attend any of the rally/party events in the city today to cheer the announcement that Cincinnati’s amazing pro soccer club, FC Cincinnati, will begin playing in the MLS in 2019. Mostly that’s because I’m old and lame and have too many things to do to be playing hookey on a […]

Green As The Fairway We Didn’t Play

The alumni association for the high school I attended (and a significant fraction of my family dedicated their lives to) held a golf outing today. Despite years of evidence supporting the theory that I should never be allowed to swing a golf club, I played in a foursome with my dad and two brothers. Believe […]

Lizards and Lacrosse, oh my!

I got a chance to get out and bask in the sun for a bit today during my son’s lacrosse game. Accordingly, I figured it’d be a good time to let the lizards on today’s socks bask on the bleachers a little bit themselves. We all enjoyed a dose of vitamin D and my son […]

And This One Belongs To The Reds

Was it actually Opening Day today? No, but it was the first Monday in April, and for the 45 years that I’ve hurtled around the sun, that’s when the Cincinnati Reds have started their baseball season. This pair of socks are to honor that history and tradition, even if baseball around here did theoretically start […]