Slalom? More Like Slammin’, Into The Side Of A Tree

At last we reach the zenith of Sports Week, I’m gald to be able to share with you socks from the sport I am least likely to participate in. Sure, skiing looked cool in all ths great and awful B-grade 80s comedy movies, but the fact is that there is no instructor on the Earth capable of overcoming my general lack of physical grace along with my inherent fear of making my knees go the in two separate directions at once.

I tore an ACL in high school, thanks, that’s enough for one lifetime.

That said, don’t let my bad attitude ruin your fun. If you enjoy flying down a mountain at breakneck speed on narrow stripes of tree bark, get out there and get after it. That slope isn’t gonna conquer itself you know.

Whatever you do this weekend, kids, have a great time, just try not to set the place on fire.