Channelling Anna Kendrick (Apparently)

The Puddinette and I went on a date night tonight, although why she stills bothers hanging out with this obnoxious nerd when she when could be living her best life at home with comfy pants and a night full of IDHD crime shows boggles the mind. Nevertheless, we went out anyway, and caught the newly released A Simple Favor with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively at the Super Mega Ultraplex.

The movie was great, as was Date Night, and we managed to make it home without anyone killing each other (that includes both the wife and I, as well as the kids left at home). It was a everything I could have hoped for, plus popcorn and Twizzlers.

Coincidentally, the best line of the whole movie (for me) came from a moment early on when Lively’s character, Emily, compliments Kendrick’s Stephanie on a cute pair of socks, and then Stephanie gushes about finding them at Target for, like, $10 a pack. She goes on to say they have all kinds of cute patterns, and was at that moment I found myself wanting to say, “Same girl, same.” I don’t recall if the pair if modern camo socks I wore today came from Target or not, but many of this year’s haul certainly has, and I couldn’t help think of them at that moment.

Go see A Simple Favor for the fun characters and the twisty, unpredictable plot. Stay for the way a single line about socks had this middle-aged dad of 4 identifying with the adorably quirky Anna Kendrick.