The Referee Isn’t Always This Blind, But He Rocks Lame Socks Regardless

Eldest son earned his first varsity Yellow Card tonight, for “Dissent”, of all things. In other words, he might have suggested out loud, on the field, that the referee was out of his freaking mind.

Eldest Son was not wrong. The referee called a horribly one-sided game. But, alas, such is life sometimes. And the best you can do when facing an unfair judge is put your head down and do your best. Eldest Son’s team played a tremendous game tonight, and only lost 0-1 because said ref was determined to see that that they did, and a ridiculous call off the ball giving the other team a free kick in the 66th minute did just that.

I found it pretty amusing then that I was wearing stripes tonight. Thankfully they weren’t quite referee stripes, or I might have been encouraged to jaw back at the actual ref enough to get myself thrown out of the game. As it was, the Puddinette had to tell me calm down more than once.

So I think I might have to keep these stripes, at the end of the year, to remind me that sometimes in life, the best you can do is run your jaw a little, and call out the bullshit when you see it.