A Jimmy Buffet-Approved Bonanza

Ahoy, land lubbers…yesterday do be National Cheeseburger Day, but wit da socks and da smugglin’ me children to and fro, it do be more struggle to keep up wit the day o’ the calendar than, well, the current location o’ Davey Jones’ Locker. Lady of the Kraken be thanked, tho, at least it be okay to wear a matchin’ pair of stockings a day past, so a decent sea-faring fella can feel a few fathoms above water even if he/she didn’t quite get to the cheeseburger just right on burger day.

That be the price ya pay for trying to smuggle your way through the week.

Avast, though, cheeseburger day or no, today do be Talk Like A Pirate Day, which, arrrrrr, methinks perhaps be a tide o’ some nonsense, but a fair enough knot to make a sailor of the fool either way.