After The Socks Of Summer Have Gone

According to Google, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will experience the Autumnal Equinox Saturday night at 9:54 PM, at which point summer will technically be over and fall will be begin. Of course, despite that, I fully expect Mother Nature to continue giving me sweaty 80+ degree days for a few weeks yet, because she’s hateful that way.

Continuing the perspiration or not, I’m out of days for summer themed socks. It’s time to break out the…well, whatever I have that’s autumn-y. Probably some gourds, I hope? Maybe a set of pumpkin-spice latte socks?

Whatever. The one thing I was certain of this morning was that I had to get this grill-themed pair into play before Saturday. So here they are, in all their burger and chargrilling glory, the last of the socks specifically for summer.

And then there was but one season remaining. One full season and eight or so days is all that remains of Sock Challenge 2018.

It’s almost too much to believe.