Weekend Debate: Movies in theaters vs. Blu-Rays at home

Since I went to all the trouble of detailing the summer movies of 2013 that I intend to see, two of them have hit the theaters already.  And somehow I’ve yet to set foot in the MegaUberCineplex or purchase a single kernel of exorbitantly overpriced, heart-clogging movie popcorn.  Obviously, this makes me have a little sad.  I mean, back in The Day, I’d happily wait in line at midnight, no matter what day of the week it was nor what time I had to be somewhere, you know, important, in the morning, to see a premiere.

As I’ve said before, though, I don’t have that kind of time anymore.  Something about raising four-fifths of a basketball team while working full-time and trying to squeeze in an hour or so of writing regularly and, oh yeah!, not neglecting the poor Puddinette. So nowadays, if I really really want to see a movie, I generally go to see it at the Creeper’s Showing, which is always the 10 PM-ish viewing on Sunday night.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Trust me, go see a movie about then.  You’ll pick up on what I mean.  I swear I’ve had entire showings to myself before.  Which is, admittedly, nice, but then again, I always end up wondering if there’s something creeping up behind me.

Or maybe that’s just me?

The point here is that while I still watch most of the big movies that come out every year – I like movies; it’s a thing that’s kind of in my genes – I see the vast majority of them for the first time from my comfort of my very own couch or recliner, in sparking Blu-Ray format.  Because, hey, it’s convenient.  Plus also, it leaves me more cash for beer and chicken wings.  Err, I mean grilled chicken salads.

Still, as convenient as it is, part of me misses the excitement of seeing big, (theoretical) blockbuster premieres in a darkened theater with my feet planted firmly in the sticky muck of a days worth of spilled sodas.  Also, previews: I likes ‘em.

So while I don’t get to see movies opening at theaters much any more, I often wish that I did. But I know I might be in the minority here. After all, not everyone digs the crowds, expense, hours lost to a seemingly never-ending string of extended trailers, and the potential for possible bacterial infection.

Here, then, is your weekend debate at the outset of the 2013 Summer Movie season:

Catching a Movie the First Time: Better at the theater or A more perfect (more comfy, less pricey) experience at home?

Just like with real books, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the traditional experience.  But  I’m just a cranky blowhard, what do I know?  Let’s hear what you’ve got to say on the matter!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to win the lottery and invent a time machine so I can manufacture a few hours to see Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Debate: Movies in theaters vs. Blu-Rays at home

  1. Well.
    Having been to the “old farts who can’t stay up past ten p.m. and thus never go to a late show” 7 p.m. viewing of Star Trek last night, I can say that I’m a big fan of big movies, too. Sometimes.

    I always fall asleep in kid’s movies, even if they’re really good. I think I conditioned myself to nap while the Stanlettes watched movies when they were little. There are segments of some Disney movies I’ve never seen, even though they’ve been viewed on my VCR hundreds of times (yeah, my kids are old enough to have used a VCR. Crazy).

    I think Star Trek was pretty good…of course, I’m a sucker for the franchise, so I’m pretty easy to please. Except, I spent most of the time trying to get some of that artery clogging popcorn, because Mr. Stanley and the Sam Stanley Experience spent the whole movie passing it over my head….


    1. Ah, the VCR. I believe we, too, had a few tapes of animated, shrill I couldn’t stand for the older kids back in the Early Days of child rearing. 🙂 Want to hear something more unbelievable? I know people who still use them!

      Mmm….popcorn. Now I want some fake butter to get my day started right.


  2. Hello.

    Can DEFINITELY relate to the Creeper’s showing as well as the can’t stay up showing, but for our crew it’s more a question of affording the admission costs, so we wait a few months and head for the local SuperSaver, where we can get in for $2/head. Makes the popcorn seem less of a budget drain.

    I mean, it’s not that we want to see all those studio executives out begging for their next power lunch, but we need to keep a little something in our own pockets as well.

    Have VERY lucid memories of getting into local neighborhood theatre in 1962 for children’s matinee on Saturday for 35 cents. Whoa.

    Please keep up the good work.


    1. The Discount theater is definitely an awesome alternative. I should have included it in the options!

      And, I love that memory of the matinee. Last time I took the kids to see something it was the matinee, but I’ll be dipped if that isn’t just as ridiculously expensive. Seems like Back In The Day, the early show was a real bargain. Now it seems like little more than the discount you’d get with a coupon.



  3. REALLY back in the day, I remember Saturday afternoon matinee DOUBLE features for a quarter!! There are some movies that need to be seen in the theater and we tend toward afternoon showings (sometimes just us) but most of the time we’ll take it however is the easiest way!!!! Will always love movies — it is in your genes!!!!


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