Fish-Boned And Betrayed

I had…not a great day today, kids. I found out that someone I thought of as a friend has been lying to me for some time, apparently, and basically betrayed my trust and the trust of many others I consider my friends. Which, believe it or not, actually makes today’s socks kind of perfect. I […]

Fortunately, The Socks (a Puddintopia Treatise on Turning 45 and NOT Quite Being The Rock)

This pair of socks is pretty much unlike anything I’ve worn so far this year, and not by accident. In fact, I’ve been saving them for today. Because kinda like these socks, today is a day a little unlike the others, and this post will follow accordingly. That is, I hope you can forgive me […]

A sad and yet happy farewell to NaNoWriMo 2013.

Remember back in the “Good Ol’ Days”, the halcyon, glory-tinged days of yestermonth, when I actually managed to post more than just a short poem and a dredging up of old short fiction?  Like, when I wrote posts about topics. Yeah, last month truly was the Golden Age for blogging. Take comfort, though! Thing are […]

To NaNo, or not to NaNo?

Since the beginning of the month—well, more precisely since I wrote this post—I’ve been plague by the question titling this post.  Should I or should I not fling myself out of the proverbial perfectly good airplane without a parachute on Friday with all my other lemming friends?  That is, should I take off my helmet […]

Landing Your Dream Agent in One Easy Step

Earlier today, I put the last few words of revision into the manuscript for Project Macaroni and sent it off through the ether to my agent. For the foreseeable future I will try to forget about it while she reads through and determines which parts of it are decent—potentially even saleable, one hopes—and which parts […]

It. Is. Done. (kinda)

Late last night, I finished the first pass of revisions for Project Macaroni. You know I’m not pulling your leg because there’s a 100% and a full progress bar over there on the sidebar to the right.  And as I’ve said before, progress bars = science, and science doesn’t lie. After wrapping up that last […]

Project Macaroni Status: Complete. Achievement Unlocked!

Huzzah! After two longs months of toiling daily in the word mines, reeking of coffee, weakness, dark chocolate, candy-coating, bourbon, flop sweat, and doom, I have finally, finally finished the first draft of my latest novel, codenamed Project Macaroni. How can you believe me, you ask? Especially as I’m known to make stuff up on […]

A Limerick To Warn Against Following Me On Social Media For the Last Weeks of Drafting a Novel

I’ve come to assume that it’s doubtlessYou’d prefer that my posts were word count-less.I should just be condemnedBut hey, look, M&Ms!Man. The suck of this limerick is boundless!

The next greatest thing

Since the moment I started stumbling along the path to becoming America’s Next Top Model a (someday) published author back in 2010, one of the most awesome things about the journey has been hitting new and ever more exciting highs along the way.  For instance, eighteen months or so ago, one of the beta readers […]

Getting to work (What I’ve already learned from having an agent)

When I left work on Friday, I had hopes of spending my weekend in a sort of lazy, bachelor-style fugue. That kind of shiftless, laying-about that would, of course, include hours and hours on a couch with a movie marathon or a baseball spree, the consumption of a whole host of terrible, processed, microwaveable meals, […]