JR Andrews’ Big Day

The last time I wrote an honest-to-goodness post here, I seem to recall saying something, maybe, about a book I had written, kinda sorta being published, or whatever? I think it had something to do with this…

You know what? Forget that nonsense. I was going to try to pretend to be all calm and chill about Famine finally being released and out into the public, buuuuuuuut I’ve got all the calm chill of a yappy dog after its trust fund mommy has been out for a long day of spritzers, spa, and shopping. Just like he’s so giddy to see another person and go for walkies that he gets the full-on butt wagging, like, no, I’m all out of smooth. In fact, I’m the opposite of it.

Admittedly, my backend’s not exactly wagging, but that’s probably because I’m passing middle age and never had any rhythm to begin with.

What I do have, though, is a book that’s available to be bought and read by the public at large. Like, by people I don’t even know and stuff. Crazy, right?

Where can you can get it, you ask? Well, the Kindle version is available on Amazon, and you can also order a paperback version. If reading in your iPad is more you thing, there’s an Apple Books version too. Links to Barnes and Noble as well as other well known book retailers will be added to my page at J. R. Andrews Books in the next few days. Basically, if there’s a place you like to get books, we’re gonna try to make sure they have a copy of Famine for you.

Which brings me to the real point of this post. No matter what the name on Famine’s spine, the book was only released today — and really only came to pass at all — because of this blog and all the support my readers (which I mean, well, you) have shown me over the years.

From the bottom of my heart, then, I need to say Thank You to everyone who has read the ridiculous posts and “liked” the silly socks featured here over the last decade. Today might be JR’s big day, but it’s only because you’ve all been here lifting me, and the new guy, up on your shoulders all that time.

I couldn’t have it without you.

Thank you.


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