Why I’ve (Mostly) Stopped Reading E-Books

Some time last month, I realized that over the past two or three years, I had become a compulsive Did Not Finisher: a loathsome, dreaded heathen who frequently begins reading books but soon loses interest, forgets the book entirely, and moves on to playing Words With Friends instead.  Become a DNFer, something the Puddin’ of […]

A Limerick For The Revision Quicksand In Chapter 30

The latest of my books is called Hermey. While revising, I’m mired in Chapter 30. With great fury, I’m rewriting, But the words, they are fighting! If I don’t fix 30 soon, I’ll go loony!

Five Things For The Monday After

I would be remiss in not mentioning that the After in question above is clearly a reference to yesterday’s Super Bowl, which is arguably the single biggest TV-watching holiday on the American calendar.  Honestly, I think someone should probably just have the NFL file as a religious organization so we can recognize Super Bowl Sunday […]

The Rise and Fall of Autumnal Equinox

Soooooo, I know I’m way past due sharing some errant thoughts and/or possibly insightful comedic ramblings with you all, but I’m still plowing along on Project Hermey, and hoping to finish up the first draft soon so I can call the thing Done! Not that it’ll  be anywhere near really, actually, ready-to-show-someone-I’m-not-married-to done at that […]

Puddin’s Got A Brand New Gig

Sometimes I get the feeling deep down in the hard, crystally, freezer-burnt depths of my stinky soul that I’m not being as prolific a blogger as I’d like to be these days. Because the fact of the matter is… HEY! WAIT! Come back! Look, I know you’re about a millisecond away from closing this browser […]

The Most Annoying Fairytale Creatures, A Guest Post By Author J. C. Nelson

[Puddin’s Note: Remember when I wouldn’t shut up about FREE AGENT, a book by friend and author J.C. Nelson that I couldn’t put down? Well, I enjoyed the thing so much, I jumped at the chance to have him throw a guest post together for us. So rather than subject you to my my usual […]

My Friend Has A Book Out In The World: FREE AGENT by JC Nelson Is Out Today!

When I decided, lo, the many years ago, that I was going to quit pretending to be writer and actually put some effort into, you know, writing, I had many, many expectations.  I expected I’d put a lot of silly words down. I expected I’d have to keep at it until I didn’t suck anymore.  […]

Games Writers Play: Seven Lines from Page Seven

A few days ago, I was tagged in a one of those chain-style Facebook memes where someone is chosen to do something very specific and then post evidence of it a status update, at which point they’re free to tag some non-zero number of other friends, family, and/or in-laws to carry on the cycle. In […]

My First Book: The Road To Reformation

Okay, so it’s “My First Book” only in the sense that it’s a book of my words and pictures I bound together with staples at 3:00 AM one night twenty-plus years ago.  Nope, I’m afraid this isn’t news about having one of my novels published, but instead a trip down memory lane, where I revisit […]

You Can’t Live On Bread Alone But It Makes For A Pretty Sweet Hobby

We…we need to talk.  I don’t know how to say this. Maybe you should sit down. In fact, you might need a stiff drink. You see, I’ve…I’ve been keeping something from you.  A secret. For months now. I know, I know, I had no right. It probably turns your stomach just to think about it. […]