Well, Dammit. Rest In Peace, Mr. Williams. And Thank You.

When I first heard the news—or more accurately, read about it from a barrage of tweets in the few moments after dinner when I had intended to merely glance at twitter before seeing to bath time—it kind of swept over me like a hot, summer gust.  Something to be recognized and noted in a kind […]

Revisiting the Mystery of the Great Pumpkin (via the New York Times)

Remember that whole pumpkin thing, where I had to audacity and/or clarity to wonder where we’re getting all the pumpkins that are theoretically becoming our favoritest fall-time pumpkiny treats?  Well, as it turns out, it seems someone at the New York Times wondered the same thing.  And since they generally have more resources than I […]

Fortune Favors the Foolish

According to the internet (and really, if we can’t trust the interwebs, who can we trust!?), Chinese philospher Lao-tzu wrote, “A journey of a thousand leagues begins beneath one’s feet.”  The common paraphrase for that, of course, is, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” A journey of my own, one I’d […]

A haiku for a terrible day

Our thoughts for Boston Unspeakable tragedy Stay safe, with loved ones No rambling today. I’m following Scalzi’s lead and going with pet pictures instead. Pud’n

A eulogy in haiku for Google Reader

All my feeds laid out Google Reader kept them well And now, it’s end.  Woe.

Questions I Want Answers To: Do popes get exit interviews?

In case you missed it, word on the street is that Pope Benedict XVI, who rocks a not-unimportant role in the view of the world’s one billion Catholics, woke up yesterday with a bit of a case of the Mondays.  But where the rest of us have to deal with the start of a new […]