Revisiting the Mystery of the Great Pumpkin (via the New York Times)


Remember that whole pumpkin thing, where I had to audacity and/or clarity to wonder where we’re getting all the pumpkins that are theoretically becoming our favoritest fall-time pumpkiny treats?  Well, as it turns out, it seems someone at the New York Times wondered the same thing.  And since they generally have more resources than I do (which is about the same as saying those crazy Real Housewives people have more drama and/or botox than I do) they assigned someone to look into the matter.

Long story short, an NY Times investigative journalist did a little research into the pumpkin spicing of All THE THINGZ.  Guess what he found? Yeah, there’s pretty much no pumpkin involved.  Read the full story here and check out this sweet pumpkin spice video they put together.

The point is, I guess I shouldn’t wonder where the miles and miles of orange-dotted fields can be found across America.  Because, well, there aren’t miles and miles of orange-dotted fields across America where happy pumpkins grow for our lattes and M & Ms. Instead, we have pumpkin spice flavor, which doesn’t appear to even be real, just like pretty much everything else we idolize in America.

The good new is, pretty soon it’s apparently going to be in the water, along with the fluoride and the mind control drugs.

Either way, thank you, New York Times, for answering that Question I Wanted An Answer To.


*PS: How does it feel posting a question blog two weeks before the NY Times posts an investigative journalism piece about the very same topic? Well, not to let my ego grow unreasonably, but I have only one thing to say: Nailed It!