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Revisiting the Mystery of the Great Pumpkin (via the New York Times)

Remember that whole pumpkin thing, where I had to audacity and/or clarity to wonder where we’re getting all the pumpkins that are theoretically becoming our favoritest fall-time pumpkiny treats?  Well, as it turns out, it seems someone at the New York Times wondered the same thing.  And since they generally have more resources than I […]

Questions I Want Answers To: Where are we getting all these delicious pumpkins?

At this point, we’re 25 days into October. That’s 25 days of being surrounded, saturated, completely inundated with seasonal products boasting the much-beloved—and at this point ubiquitous—“pumpkin spice”. In fact, pumpkin spiced “stuff” has become such a bedrock of October (especially) and parts of November that I imagine most of you, upon reading those words above, immediately […]

Photographic Evidence Proving October is the Best Month

I was planning to do the usual rambling about something or other today, but when I went outside to play with The Attitude this evening, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the clouds blanket the falling sun.  Thus, I give you reasons #817, #818, and #819 why October is inarguably the finest month of […]