Socks for Social Distancing

One of my first tasks to kick off the upcoming weeks of “social distancing” was to find the appropriate pair of socks from the archives. As it turns out, though, I don’t actually have any pairs with either pandemic symbols or adorable little hazmat suits in a spot pattern.

Since I couldn’t find a pair representative of the situation most of us are trying to work our way through at the moment, I figured I’d go with the next best thing. Today, then, I chose beer bottles because let’s face it, there are worst ways to welcome two (or more) weeks of partial isolation—with no televised sports— than by kicking back with a cold one.

The real question is, how many days until we’re breaking out the liquor?


One thought on “Socks for Social Distancing

  1. Good subject, matching the right uniform to the right game. Now I have to drag out scads of ties to match social distancing and Rum. Why you ask? Gateway’s classes have moved online sending me and my cocktail to the recliner. Viva Cuba Libre!


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