Fortunately, The Socks (a Puddintopia Treatise on Turning 45 and NOT Quite Being The Rock)

This pair of socks is pretty much unlike anything I’ve worn so far this year, and not by accident. In fact, I’ve been saving them for today. Because kinda like these socks, today is a day a little unlike the others, and this post will follow accordingly. That is, I hope you can forgive me […]

A Helpful Guide For Navigating The Weekend

The picture above contains a popular brand of carbonated soft drink.  Well, it’s also of my desk earlier today, and the door to my office.  And a window showing sunlight and the outside world where I would have preferred to be at 3 PM today.  That’s not to suggest that I don’t thoroughly enjoy my […]

A Little Time Off The Routine

There’s a pretty good chance I’ve written enough times about the vital importance of keeping a young, largish family like ours affixed to the regular weekly schedule that you’d rather hear me pitch life insurance or bend your ear about a sweet deal on a time share in Boca Raton. But here’s the thing I […]

To NaNo, or not to NaNo?

Since the beginning of the month—well, more precisely since I wrote this post—I’ve been plague by the question titling this post.  Should I or should I not fling myself out of the proverbial perfectly good airplane without a parachute on Friday with all my other lemming friends?  That is, should I take off my helmet […]

Thirteen Years and Counting

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who think 13 is an unlucky number and should be avoided like giant hornets lest bad things occur, driving you to sink into the Pit of Despair, Pennilessness, and Wailing People who totally heart the number 13 and plot out eccentric plans to celebrate their […]

It turns out I’m not perfect. Neither are you. And that’s okay.

Sometime between 10:30 and 11 PM Monday night, I made the entire world stop around me—kind of like Hiro could do on that show Heroes?—so I could fix a problem with the poem I posted in honor of the Royal Mouth-To-Feed’s much-tweeted about entry into the realm of humans.  Seriously, someone was actually talking to […]

Filling my Monday with a little Wild Rumpus

I probably should be inside at the computer concocting some long-winded, spittle-flinging, cockle-searing rant about how the kids these days don’t appreciate all the NSA snooping my tax dollars are paying for. Our how I seem to be somehow missing all the important summer movies this year as my calendar has, with good reason, thus […]

Repost: The journey of self-improvement, starting right, uh, tomorrow

[Author’s Note: I’m taking the week off from writing new material, more or less, because, well, because.  So instead, I’m going to repost a couple of old entries that may or may not have a thematic or referential similarity. In other word’s, there might be some reason to my rhyme, but then again, they might be […]

Postscript: In Defense of Aquaman

It never ceases to amaze me how every time I start with something small and intentionally shallow, I end up contemplating it hours later in a completely different way. Case in point, yesterday’s post about finding “Aquaman” scrawled across the door frame of a men’s room in New England was intended to be this quick, […]

Stopping to smell the flowers, err, hop aroma

Have you ever noticed that everybody nowadays seems to have lists and lists of stuff they’re actively checking-off  to feel like they’re, you know, accomplishing those ever important “life goals”?  There’s the pile of books you just have to burn through because everyone says that they’re each, respectively, the best thing since Snooki’s book*; there’s […]