Filling my Monday with a little Wild Rumpus


I probably should be inside at the computer concocting some long-winded, spittle-flinging, cockle-searing rant about how the kids these days don’t appreciate all the NSA snooping my tax dollars are paying for. Our how I seem to be somehow missing all the important summer movies this year as my calendar has, with good reason, thus far been full of stuff, things, editing, and trips to Disney.

But, you know what?  As Google so awesomely pointed out, today would have been Maurice Sendak’s 85 birthday.

With that in mind, I decided that a little after-dinner Wild Rumpus with The Attitude in the backyard on a very lovely, temperate June evening would be a damned fine way to pay respect to the memory of a man whose work I’ve always loved. Works that I’m thankful I can read to my own kids today.

So maybe go have a little Wild Rumpus of your own?

And if you’re lucky, very lucky, perhaps for a little while you can be the King of all Wild Things but not so lonely, because you’re already where someone loves you best of all.


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