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The Slow, Torturous March  to Parental Obsolescence, Part I

A few nights ago, after brushing his little, seven year-old teeth while wearing a set of colorful, seven year-old’s pajamas, my youngest son bounced up to me to make an announcement. The bouncing wasn’t a surprise, of course; when you’re seven, if your movement from place to place isn’t primarily bounce-driven, something needs a band-aid, […]

Why I’ve (Mostly) Stopped Reading E-Books

Some time last month, I realized that over the past two or three years, I had become a compulsive Did Not Finisher: a loathsome, dreaded heathen who frequently begins reading books but soon loses interest, forgets the book entirely, and moves on to playing Words With Friends instead.  Become a DNFer, something the Puddin’ of […]

Filling my Monday with a little Wild Rumpus

I probably should be inside at the computer concocting some long-winded, spittle-flinging, cockle-searing rant about how the kids these days don’t appreciate all the NSA snooping my tax dollars are paying for. Our how I seem to be somehow missing all the important summer movies this year as my calendar has, with good reason, thus […]

Gone Puddin’

I know, we haven’t talked in a while.  It’s, like, I haven’t been around for the past few days or something. Well, actually, it’s not like that at all. It’s exactly that.  I haven’t been. Around, that is.  I’ve been in Connecticut. Yes, that state in New England. Because I had to do [redacted]. Truth […]

An additional word or two about "Look, I read a book"

Recently, (more specifically, after this post), I came to the realization that I don’t talk about books enough in general.  Writing, sure.  I ramble on about my own writing like one those poor, um, overserved* individuals you occasionally see wandering the convenience store barefoot and in search of cheese doodles. But I don’t mean writing, […]