I’m a gamer on hiatus; lend me your thoughts

Depending on how long you’ve been reading the blog here, you might already be familiar with the idea that, by and large, I’m happy to wear the mantle of the adult male techno-geek.  I like all the approved types of geek fiction, see all the exciting geek movies, and generally live my life hopelessly filled with affection for geeky things.


I am a poor, poor excuse for a video gamer.

Clearly, this has not always been the case. Mario and I used to be bosom buddies.  I’ve fragged plenty of Covenant beasties in Master Chief’s armor. I’ve completed not one, but multiple Final Fantasy titles and  I’ve spent hour after hour, deep into the dark, inky night when no sane, normal people are awake, huddled over a keyboard grinding out experience and leveling up an elf that exists no where but in my own imagination and as a collection of ones and zeros on Blizzard’s servers.

But lately?  Well, over the past three years, I’ve fired up my Xbox about the same number of times I’ve saddle up Heart-Magic, the rainbow-dancing unicorn, for a gallop around Miracle Lake.

Really, though, it’s okay.  Don’t cry for me, Internet-ia.  Because part of being a writer means making sacrifices.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day for work, family, a relationship with your spouse, writing, television, video games, torturing the neighbors with your hand-crafted front yard topiaries of the great pet actors of Hollywood’s past, and drunken 2 AM violin solos on the corner.  So how to spend your time becomes a question of priority.  Sure, irritating the neighbors might be fun, but is it more important to you than writing stories?

Ultimately, I realized that my love of television and video games was secondary to my desire to be a real, live, paid author. I’ll still find time for  a wee stitch of TV every night—after my writer’s work is done—to help transition from busy-creative-mind to sleepy-bedtime-mind before stumbling to bed to inflict my ear-rending snores upon an unsuspecting, otherwise innocent Puddinette.

But video games?  Yeah, well, I like to think of myself as a gamer on hiatus.  Someday, when I have fewer things to direct my focus to on a daily basis, I hope that video games are still a thing that people do. You know, as opposed to social Alpaca ranching.

And even though I realize that by the day my free time comes, the norm will likely include feeding game signals directly into your brain via implants, I’m still looking forward to it.

That said, today I have a question for you, my wonderful puddintopians.  As it turns out, I need to do some game playing in the week or so. Even better if it’s an MMORPG. It’s important because [redacted]. So what are you playing these days?  I’ve considered dipping my toes back into World of Warcraft briefly, but I don’t know, it seems like everyone is doing that. Maybe I should take a look a Rift?  Or maybe something not traditional fantasy?  Perhaps Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I don’t know, you tell me.  What should I be casting my eye at here?

I’m game for just about anything.

Get it?  Game for just about—?  Video game? Oh, nevermind.

Anyway, let’s hear about what you’ve you playing lately, MMORPG or otherwise. What rules and what drools? What’s hot, and what’s, well, not?

Speak up, so I can game vicariously through you!


11 thoughts on “I’m a gamer on hiatus; lend me your thoughts

  1. Currently, on PC I’ve moved from Minecraft to Terraria, which is actually kind of a nifty little game so far. I’d recommend it. You can do single or multi-player. As far as MMOs, most recently (last year) I looooved Tera and would definitely recommend checking it out. It has its pitfalls, but the combat style is a bit different from what I’m used to and the graphics are beautiful. Unfortunately, I had to put it on a back-burner because you absolutely cannot play without a hand for each peripheral and with a demanding cuddle-child, I don’t always have that luxury. So I would recommend either of those two games. As far as PS3, I’ve been enjoying Civilization Revolution and Rune Factory (which is similar to Harvest Moon but with battles and such), both of which I play because they’re fairly casual and easy to put down if you need to–thus, they don’t distract me from writing quite as much. 🙂 Hope this helps.


    1. Terraria looks a little too open for the kind of time i have (or rather, lack), but Tera looks cool! I’ll have to give it a shot. Thanks!


      1. Np. 🙂 Currently, I allow myself half an hour to an hour a day to play Terraria and let off some steam. Otherwise I just play with the hubs sometimes in the evening. I haven’t had too much trouble limiting myself. Tera is definitely awesome, though. I wish I could still play it. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


  2. If you want story, apparently Star Wars has got it. Everyone I’ve talked to has raved about the story and then quit. So good for a quick fling I think. I am waiting on Elder Scrolls Online personally. I have been a fan for a long time, and can’t wait to see how they transition it. If you want established universes with strong guilds, WOW is probably a good bet. One last honorable mention is LOTRO. Good graphics, balanced game-play, good story. My .02.


    1. Oh, I can’t wait for the Elder Scrolls Online either! I’ve been a fan of those for a while myself. Here’s hoping I have some time for it when it releases.


  3. My hubby has played Skyrim, Guild Wars 1 & 2, Star Wars, LoTR and some others (he’s an attorney who likes to pretend he isn’t really). His favorite by far has been the first Guild Wars, but it’s since been overtaken by yet newer version which he’s not completely sold on. So many games! You should ask your other agent though, she plays quite a bit as well. 😉


    1. I played a bit of Guild Wars 1 in the way back time, before I took up the pen in earnest. It was a solid game; he’s got good taste. Now I’m curious, though, how he’d compare 2 to 1, since I haven’t had a chance to check 2 out.


  4. If I were to answer honestly, I’d say Xbox is your first problem, but I’m not here to pick a fight (=`ω´=) So I suggest Skyrim. It’s not at all irrelevant to writing! You can even become a bard in the game, and read books if you want, and learn ancient dragon tongues. See, totally relevant! (*^_^*)


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